Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The #1 Thing People Want in Life. It's Not What You Think!

So, if this is the #1 thing people want in life, what are you going to give them?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wanna Stand Apart From the Herd?

So what makes you so different from the rest of the yahoos? GOOD QUESTION. Do you do what every one else does? Do you kinda go along with the school of fish, making sure you dress 'right', have the 'right' job, 'right' house, and so on? And, if so and you have kids, are you teaching your kids to do the same?

If so, then not much sets you apart. Well, boo, huh?

What's that you say, you WANT to set yourself apart but not quite sure how?

Well, here's the secret to doing that, and it is so easy, because everyone else shows you exactly what to do. Everyone else becomes your guide post as to what to do.

My mentor, Dani Johnson, put it simply. She says, 'If you want to stand out in life, if you want to be successful, just watch what everyone else does and do exactly the opposite.'

Well, that's easy enough. When everyone else is in debt up to their eyeballs, working paycheck to paycheck, you do the opposite. You get real and set up a realistic budget, a realistic (and fast) time frame to pay off your debt, set aside a realistic amount of $$ each month, and tithe to an organization that fills you spiritually.

When everyone else is doing the 'stupid' stuff that people do, such as working at a job they hate, you do the opposite. You either look for a job you love, or you create your own business.

When everyone else is blaming, everybody else, you will put the responsibility back on yourself and hold yourself accountable to higher standards than what is accepted.

Growing up, most of us have been trained to follow the crowd through commercials, peer pressure, media and so on. So, it might be a hard BIG habit to break.

Start small. Here's a few ideas to get you started. Get off the computer for a while. Go for a walk. Drink water instead of soda, have a piece of fruit, stop worrying about your looks (you look fine!), be friendly (that terrifies most people), get to know your mailman, get healthy by fueling your body with the good stuff, stop being so afraid of everything, take a risk here and there.

Most of the examples above aren't done by the masses. Be UN-like the masses and chances are you will find wild, crazy, fun success in your life and relationships.

Have fun.