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Our company holds many webinars on various health challenges, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. I invite you to visit here often because I do update regularly.

If you have any questions about any of the products in the webinars, please contact me and I'll get them answered.

Allergies    Many of us suffer from them, and many of us take many OTC and prescription drugs to combat them. But, the price we pay by taking these drugs can be way more detrimental in the long run than we care to admit.

What if there was a way to combat them naturally with supplements? In this webinar, we learn what sets off an allergy attack and what we can do in order to lessen the symptoms without the harsh side effects of drugs.

Click on picture to go to webinar on allergies.

Acidic Vs Alkaline The key to cancer prevention? It could very well be. Cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Damaged cell respiration causes fermentation (otherwise known as death, or the deterioration of something that was once living). Fermentation results in acidity/the promotion of an acidic environment; therefore in order to counteract and even completely reverse cancer, we must ALKALIZE our bodies. 

In this webinar, learn more on Acid vs Alkaline environments in the body and how to bring the body back to Alkaline. This could very well be the most important webinar you'll ever see.

Acid vs Alkaline. Click on Picture to watch webinar.

What's Up With Soy? So much confusion about soy. Is it good for us? Is it not good for us? Do we stay away from it or do we enjoy it, knowing the benefits? This presentation will help you learn more about what makes soy good, why people think it's bad and what we can do with it.

Soy Webinar. Please click on cartoon to view webinar

Depression. Many suffer from it, and many are on prescription drugs without positive results. Please watch our presentation on depression and learn about the common symptoms, and advice that can possibly help.

Depression Webinar. Please click on image.

Autism. It's become an epidemic among our children, some more severe than others. Becky Cash, author of  'Healing Autism Naturally', talks about ways we can approach autistic spectrum disorder naturally in order to help relieve the more common symptoms.

Autism Webinar. Please click on the image.

Stress. We all suffer from it. We have a tendency to pile on more and more and...well you get the picture. Did you know our body requires more protein and nutrients in times of high stress? Find out why and what nutrients are best during extreme times of stress, and even every day stress.

Stress Webinar. Please click on the image.

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