Work With Me

Have you been running around like a chicken with your head cut off, chasing rabbits, opportunities and training programs that cost thousands?  Watching what appears to be everyone else loving and succeeding in what they do while you stall out? I've been there and done that. Hated it. I'm a slow learner at times, thus the watching everyone else succeed instead of succeeding.

But here's the deal. I eventually figured it out, and I'd like to be able to help others get it figured out a whole hell of a lot quicker than I did, so I'm offering up my services to teach you what took me years to figure out.

You can either join me with my primary opportunity and get this training for free or you can hire me to help you with your primary business. My training isn't just real world, it's the training that was created for the Shaklee corporation. I've invested thousands of dollars and time into my business because this is my profession. This is my career.

If you're open to coaching and teachable, it will work. If not, and you're pretty sure you've got all the answers already, then there's nothing more I can show you.

Contact me via this blog, let's chat and get to know each other. See if this is something that will work out for you.


Hi Jhanna, it was such an honor meeting you.You have been a light on a hill. Me and Mariana were talking about how precious you were and how because of you even more so the weekend was amazing.You are truly a heartfelt , amazing person and know that you have at least 2 people from Finland rooting for you and your success and your family's success.
~Christel, Finland