Monday, February 27, 2012

Here's the Plan, Man.

Ok, here's the standard plan. I"m going to guess that all of us know this one inside and out.

Grow up, get a college degree, and get a job. Or just get out of high school and get a job. Stay with the job for as long as possible in hopes that you won't be downsized or fired, that can afford to keep working there, and that they keep the benefits affordable.  THEN, hope to God that you have invested enough during your lifetime without depriving yourself of every possible thing that might increase your enjoyment that you can get through the end of your life without being completely broke.

Even thought this action plan sounds painfully dismal, it MUST be an awesome plan because so many of us are doing it. In fact, in our society it seems like this is the only plan available.  The only alternative presented to us is to start our own business. If we buy into a franchise, it costs thousands in franchise fees alone. If we start up our own business, it means longer hours with lower pay for the first five years or more (if we succeed), and doing everything ourselves unless we hire employees, and we know what a hassle employees can be and what they can cost (see first paragraph).

Apparently, these are the only options available to us.  Most people, however, go with the first plan and PRAY it will work out.

I recently read that the USPS will be cutting over 35,000 jobs here pretty quickly. The POST OFFICE. I remember when the post office was THE job to get if one wanted stability, great benefits, really good pay, and so on.

There goes that chunk of the rock. The traditional 9-5 job seems to be coming less and less.  So, we've painted ourselves into a corner now, haven't we? Or have we? Well, Sunshine, there IS another option. And I want YOU to have it.

I want you to start implementing this option as soon as you are possibly able. So that, not if, but when the time comes (whether your employer decides that time or YOU do), you are ready for it. I want you to take this option and RUN with it. I want you to go as far and wide with this option as possible, showing as many people as possible so that they, too, may take advantage of this as well.

We only thrive with this option when we help others thrive.

What could start your own business for $599? Chump change compared to ANY other business model?

What if........someone else supplied the product, the shipping, the marketing, the labeling, the research, more research, and even more research?

What if.....someone else provided the paperwork, the website, the outline of the business, the employees, the UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee?

What if.....someone else handled with the regulations and rules of creating all the product?

What if....someone else created a solid system that trains EVERYone, including yourself, at no cost to you or anyone?

And what if....there was a system in place where you knew exactly how much income you would be creating for yourself and others?

All YOU have to do is share the business and product. All YOU have to do is find people who want this freedom as well?

Let me ask, how many of you are sick of your job? Give me a show of hands

Ok, most of you. So we know there are MANY others out there aside from you that are looking for another option.

You might be thinking, WIIFM.  What's In It For Me? Fair enough, let's find out.

How about...

You get....peace of mind that all of the above is taken care of in a professional manner.

You have your OWN business, without the hassle of running a brick and mortar business.

You serve others, knowing how miserable you are/were in your job, and others are probably in the same boat.

You introduce people's dreams BACK to them.

You earn as much income as YOU choose to earn, not what a boss tells you. (hey, no glass ceiling here!)

You get....the best products on the market, the best system, the best customer service, the best of the best, with the best looking out for YOUR best interests.

You benefits from having a business from home. Which means...

You keep more of your hard earned money (now you get to actually pay OFF debt instead of going further into it! You get to invest and save and DO things!)

You hang out with the highest calibur movers and shakers in this world. Hey, some of the richest people have taken advantage of this option.

You get....FREEDOM from the 8-5 Monday - Friday with only major holidays and weekends off.

Ok, so let's have you weight this option with your current option.

If you don't think what I just gave you is real, I'll tell you what. You can keep your job and take this option, start it (yes, you can do that with this option) and make this option your PLAN B.

Plan A can be your belief and trust that your employment will secure you and yours for a lifetime (75% of Americans over 65 are either dead or dead broke, by the way.), and you can work this option as well.

That way, you can either create extra income, just by talking about this option with others, or you can build this business until income passes your current one. Or you can do both forever. It's up to you.

Basically, with this option alone it opens up an opportunity of a lifetime.

So, what do you plan to do with this opportunity? Are you just going to set it aside and walk away knowing what you have in your hands here? Are you going to hand it off to someone else so you can watch them get all the benefits while you get into commute traffic once again?

Think about it.  I mean, really mull this one over in the 'ol noggin. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The $100K Question

Why work from home?


I LIKE how inquisitive you are! Here's a partial list of the benefits I experience by working a home based business.

1. Personal Freedom. I structure my work day, which allows me to gain control over my life. Be careful, though. This one can get us into trouble if we don't approach the business as a business.

2. Healthier Lifestyle.  I have more opportunities to have a healthy, fresh lunch and more time to create a healthy, well rounded dinner for my family. Even better, I can easily make time for my running or to teach an indoor cycling class at the local gym. Most people are fighting their weight.

3. Increased Productivity. I work best in the early morning and, therefore am able to be more productive before the entire west coast hits their first stop in the traffic jam to work. When are you most productive?

4. Better Balance Between Work and Life. I can help get my two young kids ready for school, volunteer in their classrooms, and pick them up when they get out of school. For my business, people are actually attracted to the opportunity more when they may happen to hear a child in the background giggling every now and then.

5. Low Overhead. Have you ever priced a franchise? Do you happen to have $50K laying around or are you willing to get a loan for that amount? My business start up cost was $599 for the company product and business kit. No loan needed, no saving for years, no employee costs. $599. Done.

6. Less Stress. All of the points above lead to less stress in my life compared to when I was working at a job. Even though I'm probably busier than I was at work (I had to work REAL hard to always look busy while at my job), I love what I'm doing, it fits my lifestyle choices and therefore I'm in the flow instead of feeling like fighting the current all the time. How do you feel when you get home?

Dave Ramsey was recently quoted as saying, 'Now is the worst time to get a second job, but it's the best time to start your own business.'

I can beat that. Now is the best time to start your own home based business.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is ALL About You Today.

You get to be accountable.
You get to be responsible for your personal actions.
You get to have the power to change yourself.
You get to be your true self.
You get to leave the conditioning behind that has not served you well.
You get to stop being the victim.

You want it about you? Good. Because where you are today is all because of you. The choices you've made, the actions you've taken (or not taken) and the beliefs you decided were important. Take a look around you. What do you think?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do You Work for 72 Degrees?

I remember hearing this story years ago and was reminded of it tonight.

When we set a thermostat, according to many HVAC professionals, it's usually set around 72 degrees. They call this the 'dead zone'. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right in the middle.

When the system picks up that it has dropped below that temperature or goes above it, the heater or a/c kicks on and works just hard enough until the set temperature is brought back to that degree. Then the system kicks back off until it needs to adjust once again.

I was told that this is how most people go through life. We find a middle ground, no matter where it is in our life, be it relationships, work, our business, fitness levels, whatever it may be and we apply the same principle to it.

We find the 'dead zone' that requires as little work from us as possible in order to keep the system running to how we like it, and how we prefer it. Now, this doesn't mean this is a zone that serves us or others in the best possible way or it's ideal for us, it just means that it is in a place we are willing to tolerate what is going on around us.

Every now and then, however, the temperature rises or falls, and we need to act in order to bring everything back into what we think is order.

For example, relationships require a lot of work, but for many as long as we can keep it at a certain level that we find acceptable, we don't want to commit any more and energy to it than that.

At some point it's quite possible that the significant partner in the relationship starts to get a bit upset over how things are.

"You don't do this for me. We never do this. I wish we could..." and so on.

It is here we become much like the thermostat. We recognize something is not right, and we work JUST hard enough to bring that environment back into our comfort zone.

So if we, for example, have a partner that is letting us know they are not too thrilled with us at the current moment, what we wend up doing is ONLY what is necessary to get them back into OUR zone of comfort. Again, it's not about them or their level of comfort, but our own.

And we do this in so many aspects of our lives. People need to lose weight, so they get on one of those quick weight loss shake programs just long enough to drop those pounds and then go right back to eating poor food, not working out and so on, only to find themselves right back where they started.

The thermostat effect.

In order to create real change, we need to find the habit that created the reality, whatever it may be, and change that for good. Literally FOR GOOD.

So, where are you on this? Can you look at circumstances in your life where you changed or exerted extra effort just long enough to get, say, that boss or partner off your back? To get those inches off your waist? Then went right back to the old habits?

Be honest. It's when you recognize this behavior that you can start to change it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We've all heard and probably quoted Yoda. In case you have never read his famous quote, here it is:

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Where DID the word 'try' come from and how did it manage to take such a strong hold in our vocabulary? Now that I know the power it holds over people, I cringe every time I hear it and I hear it OFTEN.

To me, the word steals personal power from the person who uses it on a regular basis.  I tell my kids, 'watch your words, they hold powerful magic.'

The word 'try' is one of the most powerful words in the English and not in a good way. I'm sure you've hear, 'Trying is lyin'.'

It is one of the most dis-empowering words we can use. It gives us an 'out' from being our best. It allows us to not be held accountable for our actions.

Who are you going to have more confidence in:

"I'll try."

"I'll do my best."

Clearly, the wording, "I'll do my best." holds more power and confidence. It tells people and ourselves that our best effort is to be expected and will be given.

For me, 'trying' is a cop out. It allows for excuses and we all know what excuses are about, right?

So here's my challenge for you. REALLY pay attention to yourself and others and consciously listen for the word, 'try'. Listen to the context in which it is given and look for any results.

If you catch yourself saying it, correct yourself immediately! Learn to take the word, 'try' out of your vocabulary completely. It's a word that relays non-commitment to the outcome.

Since you are living an authentic life ( you ARE living an authentic life, right?) you'll be quick to notice and correct yourself.

Then come back and tell me your thoughts.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Video Heard 'Round the Networking World

Most of us in network marketing have seen this video, but it's so enjoyable, I thought I'd post it here along with one or two others.

Please feel free to direct people who are having a bit of trouble seeing the opportunity to this blog to help them understand what we have.

I have no affiliation with any of the business links you may see on any of these videos. My intent is for you to get the message of the video. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Aboard the Prosperity Train

Allegory of Abundance
Ahhh, prosperity. Everybody wants it, it seems a select few obtain it, right? Wrong. More have it than not, they just choose to not recognize it.

Why? Because most people (not You and me, of course) only look at the money aspect of prosperity. Even, then many people are doing a lot better than they like to think. For some, it's just more fun to be the victim (oh, I'll NEVER have enough money to do what I want!)

So what defines 'prosperity' in my book? Well, instead of my book, let's take a look at what Catherine Ponder  considers prosperity from her book, 'Open Your Mind to Prosperity'.

1. Prosperity includes Peace of mind.  Mercy, there's a big one. Perhaps, though, peace of mind comes with the money part of prosperity? Again, we turn it around. Peace of mind can include a quiet evening, good reading, enjoyable study, an afternoon in the park.

2. Prosperity includes Harmony. Come to terms and peace with where you are right at this moment and move with what is in your life right at this moment.

3. Prosperity includes Health. BIG one that I am reminded of every time I feel off, physically, whether that is a sore muscle, chills, or feeling a bit down. It really is true, without health, nothing else matters.

4. Prosperity includes Financial plenty. Of course, we can't forget money. It's OK to include that in prosperity. Just don't make it ALL about money.

When we look at prosperity in these broader terms, it's easier to realize we are pretty danged prosperous, every day and in every way. My experience has been that when I am reminded of my current prosperity, it empowers me to bring forth more of the same. My perception shifts from impoverished to abundance.

With this small shift in perception, it can change our days from dull to bright. I invite you to apply these concepts of prosperity to your life right now and see where it takes you. Where do you find prosperity?