Monday, August 31, 2009

Whether you think you do or you don't....

We all have mentors. We might fool ourselves and think we don't, to a certain extent.

Most people in MLM are pretty aware of who their obvious mentors are, because they consciously say, 'these people are getting the results I want. I'm going to pay attention to them, what they do, and how they do it.'

I'm going to suggest, however, that there are other mentors that we might not be aware of. If we are only aware of the mentors we are consciously choosing, we may end up still performing in ways that hold us back from what we really desire out of life.

Want to hear of some of those mentors?



Religious Leaders





While we may not consciously declare, 'this is a person I want to emulate', if we are around them long enough, it's going to happen automatically to a certain extent.

We then go through life wondering why it's so hard. We aren't able to recognize what we are doing wrong, because these aren't the actions we've consciously chosen. Or are they?

There is a saying that goes, 'you are as successful in life as the five people that surround you closest.'

Look around. Do you like what you see? These are some of your closest mentors.

I've got some pretty amazing people around me now, but it wasn't always that way. Interestingly enough, once I started to consciously change my way of thinking, those crabbies moved to an outer ring of my circle.

That means, they didn't totally disappear from my life, and I still love many of them very much. However, they aren't impacting my life nearly as much as they used to.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

If You Can...You Must.

A few weeks ago, I took my kids out to dinner. (Honestly, we really don't go out that much! lol..)

Anyhoo, again, as the waitress, who was no more than 23, went to get our drinks, my six year old confided in me.

'Mom, I think her hair is really pretty.'

I looked at him and said, 'Ian, if you think so, tell her.'

He got all hunched over and put his hands to his mouth to cover his smile.

'No!', He said.

'Ian', I said, 'If you have a genuine compliment to give someone, it's your responsibility to give it. What good is the thought if you don't share it with that person? And, you never know, she may really need to hear something like that.'

Still, he said, 'no.'

After dinner, we were getting ready to leave. I approached the young waitress and said, 'my son thinks your hair is really pretty.'

I turned around to find my son hiding under the booth table. Jeez!

She went to the table, and crouched down and addressed my son.

'You know what?' She said, 'I just got my hair cut today and when I left I was crying because I thought it was the worst hair cut ever. I really, really needed to hear your compliment today. Come with me, I have something for you.'

My son followed, along with his younger sister, and the waitress produced two tootsie pops, one for each of them.

I looked at the waitress to say thank you. Instead, she thanked us. she looked at me and said, 'you have no idea how much I needed to hear that today.'

When we have a true compliment, when we see someone glowing, or has a bright smile, or whatever, our joyous response to it is wasted, if we don't share it with them.

Again, people crave to be recognized! So recognize them! Honestly, it's selfishly motivated, because I love giving compliments! I love seeing people light up, and again, it can be the beginning of a beyooootiful friendship!


Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Heard That One Before...

The other day I took my kids to the park to run off some energy. I found a seat on the bench at the edge of the playground, and settled in.

Kids ran back and forth, some parents chasing them, others just watching.

Then I saw a little girl gaining some speed across the playground. She was really smokin' too. Suddenly WHAM. She was layed flat out in .2 seconds. What she tripped over could have been just her own speed, she was going so fast.

She stood up, sniffling, and brushed herself off. A woman, I'm guessing to be her grandmother, bustled up to her and helped brush her off.

She said, 'See?? That's what happens when you run like that!'

Ugh. I cringed at the program that had just been re-enforced to this little girl.

A bit later, I saw the girl starting to gain speed again. This time her grandmother insisted that she slow down and shouted to her, 'SLOW DOWN! That's how you get hurt!'

Ugh again. Re-enforcement again.

It's been said that 50% of our beliefs, programs, and habits are learned by the age of three. THREE YEARS OLD.

Up to 80& of our beliefs, programs, and habits are learned by the age of SEVEN. SEVEN YEARS OLD.

These are beliefs on what relationships look like, religious beliefs, how we look at ourselves and others, physical beliefs, and more.

When I learned of this, I had a two year old child. I thought about how I talked to myself, because it would be an indication of how I spoke to my child.

How DID I talk to myself? It was pretty negative, I decided. Pretty sad, really.

And I was telling my child the same things about him. Not in a mean spirited way, but it was so subconscious that it never even dawned on me that I was saying these things. I was teaching him about himself, what I had been taught about myself.

Ouch. I thought, 'I have a year to install some positive programming.'

And the best way, I thought, to work on that, was to work on me. I had to start treating myself better, with more kindness, with compassion, with love. Love DOES start with me. I can't love anyone else without loving myself first, and the higher power of my understanding.

I heard Oprah once say, 'You know, every now and then when I see myself in the mirror I stop, look myself in the eye, smile, and say, 'hello, sweetie!'

How wonderful. What a wonderful and simple way to acknowledge the divine within us.

I've changed how I speak to my children, now ages six and four. I applaud their efforts, I encourage them to face their challenges, to dream big. And, I know, I tell them this because it's what I tell myself.

I hope one day at the playground to hear someone say to their child after that child has fallen, 'you're Ok..that was GREAT! You were really steamrollin'! What an amazing fall!'

Even if that parent is me.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Name Calling At Its Best

The other night a friend and I went out to dinner.

As we were being seated and asked what we would like to drink, I asked our
waitresses name. She said Nancy. I said, 'thank you, Nancy.'

While Nancy was getting our drinks, my friend looked at me and said, 'I see
you're in selling mode. You asked for her name. Good one.'

I told her, 'This has nothing to do with sales. I always ask their names no
matter what the situation, whether I'm in a restaurant, getting my car serviced,
or at the grocery store. They have name tags on, it's not just to know their
name when you want to complain.

Don't you like it when people call you by name? Don't you like hearing your

She sat there a moment and said, 'ya, I do.'

Whenever I take the time to learn someone's name and USE IT, I receive the BEST

Ask people their names, it shows respect, and can develop the most wonderful


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern & John Reese

Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern & John Reese

The Kids Wanted to Leave, But I Didn't!

Picture this, a community park full of families getting in that last Sunday birthday bbq of the summer, company picnics, and more.

Lots of kids everywhere. The playground is buzzing with little busy kiddie bees. My kids, on the otherhand, are standing next to me whining. 'We want to GO, mommy! We're HUNGRY! We don't want to BE here anymore!!'

Doesn't sound quite right, does it?

Normally, I'M the one begging the kids for us to leave. I can only respond to 'watch me go down the slide, mommy! Push me on the swing, Mommy! Moooommmmmyyyy!!!' so many times before I want to scream, running from the playground.

But today was different. I'm not sure how I missed it before, but there were some incredible stories going on in that park today. And along with stories comes lessons!

I sat there intently studying story after story, watching them play out. One of the lessons I learned was, from now on I will be taking a paper tablet and pen with me, so I can write everything down. I kept trying to burn everything into my mind so I could remember them for later, before they disappeared into the abyss that can be my mind.

Hang tight, I've got some great stories and lessons coming up...

Bikram Yoga & MLM #8

Wow, what a summer, huh? It flew by! Business is booming, as they say in the Network Marketing industry and life is good!

But I digress....let's get to business

#8 Visualize in your mind what you want to see in physical form. I love this one, and just learned more about it recently in regards to MLM, or Network Marketing.

In my mind, I see the perfect half moon pose, or the perfect bow pose, elegant and flowing like a swan's neck. My mind sees it so often that today, while at yoga, I did the bow pose more beautifully than I ever had before.

When I was done with the second set of the bow pose, I was grinning ear to ear. An elegant bow pose is my goal, and as I see it in my mind, I am now seeing it in physical form.

So goes Network Marketing. So goes EVERYthing in life, really. Images of leading a huge team, creating massive abundance in my life, and more is constantly running through my head. Not just pictures, but the emotions of what it is like to have these desires fulfilled. My heart wants to burst out of my chest with joy, pride of seeing others succeed, and more.

As Tony Robbins points out, first in the mind then in the physical realm. So what is on your mind?

~ Namaste'