Information on Various Health Challenges

With my company, we have collected information regarding several different health challenges, their symptoms, and natural ways to work with the challenges. These may include changes in one's nutrition and eating habits, exercise habits, and what supplements are known to help.

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Although not a challenge, but a pleasant journey, here are some tips for expecting mamas. Just in time for Mother's day!

Shaklee Difference – Shaklee products are tested for purity, potency, safety, quality as well as its availability to the cells.  The recommendations below are for Shaklee supplements.   Other supplement companies may not invest money into the testing of their products and may contain harmful contaminants that would not be advisable for a growing fetus.  Please do your research before taking large quantities of supplements from other manufacturers.  
Supplements: (For healthier, brighter, non-colicky babies and general difference in health and ease of delivery)
Vita Lea (multi-vitamin/multi-mineral) - Digested and absorbed, not as harsh as Prenatal Vitamins - Take 3/day
Shaklee Vitalizer - Includes 2 Vita Lea, 1 B+ C, 2 Caroto-E-Omega’s and 1 Optiflora
B-Complex - Patent pending folic acid coating makes this nutrient more available for absorption by the body
Energizing Soy Protein - For added protein (easily digested and utilized by the body) and for increased energy (Incidence of gestational diabetes is lower because of protein.).
OmegaGuard - 1st and last trimester (studies show most benefit is derived) for development of fetal brain
Optiflora - Helps with the absorption of food supplements
Herb Lax - Helps with constipation and detoxifies the blood.  When needed start with only 1 before bed.
Osteomatrix - A relaxer and helps to relieve labor pains (calcium is drawn from Mother to Child)

Natural Remedies:
Morning Sickness - Take Energizing Soy Protein Shake before bedtime or right before getting out of bed and B-Complex – nausea is due to low blood sugar levels
Nausea/Upset Stomach/Heartburn - Peppermint Ginger tea (dissolve 1 tablet in hot water), Chewable Cal Mag Plus
Prevent Toxemia – Herb Lax, Zinc, Energizing Soy Protein, Performance Drink, B-Complex, Osteomatrix
Fluid Retention/Swollen Ankles - Alfalfa (natural diuretic), Performance Drink, exercise, water and Energizing Soy Protein
Leg Cramps/Back Aches – Osteomatrix, Vitamin E
Birth Defects/Late Delivery/Difficult Labor - Zinc
Varicose Veins - Vitamin E (important for circulation)
Increase Energy – Energizing Soy Protein, B-Complex
Prevent Stretch Marks – Sustained Release Vitamin C (1-2 500mg sustained release tabs)
Excessive hair loss or acne after child birth – Saw Palmetto and Zinc
Prepare for Breast Feeding – Apply Lansinoh (lanolin oil) to breast for 1 month prior to due date
Stop breast from lactating – Apply green cabbage leaves (breaks veins first with a heavy can) to breast area and wear inside a bra (high sulfur content stops milk production)

For an Easier Delivery and Faster Recovery:   (Tips from Dr. Shantha Sutton, OBGYN)
Labor Pains - Chewable Cal Mag Plus (helps ease contractions - calcium relaxes the muscles)
Bleeding/Hemorrhaging in Labor - Alfalfa (contains a natural form of vitamin K)
Recovery after Giving Birth - Drink Physique to ease muscle pain and repair tissue faster (Physique builds & repairs muscle tissue after strenuous exercise or strain from surgery or labor)

Nutrition Tapes/CD’s Available with Supporting Information:
*   Building a Healthy Baby                                       *  Being a Healthy Mom
*   Natural Approaches to Children’s Health             *  Natural Approaches to Women’s Health
*   Preparing for and Recovering from Surgery           *  Dealing with Depression
*   Having a Healthy Digestion                                  *  Pregnancy & Infertility
*   Building a Healthy Immune System                      *  Natural Approaches to Men’s Health

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