Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Sprinkles

Well, my friends, here we are. And, as John Lennon wrote, 'And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?'

Last night at a candlelight service with my Unity Church, I really got to ponder that question. My hopes for what I've done is, been able to spead a little love and joy on this space of ours.

I hope that I've been able to help you move forward in your opportunity, to see what a great treaure you have in your hands, and to share it with others.

Most importantly, I hope that I, in some small way, have been able to help you see some things from a different perspective, and to have presented it with love to you.

You are important. Without you, something wonderful would be missing from this world. I'm so full of joy to be on this journey together with you.

How blessed and grateful I am that we've crossed paths. Let's continue together, shall we?



Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Holiday Gift for You.

I wanted to give you something for the holidays that really has value. No strings attached, except heartstrings.

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this little treasure chest of fre.e e-books, but DANG, I'm glad I did. It has got most of the classics on here, and also includes the works of the mentors of those classic authors.

That is just in what is considered the 'new thought' section. Now, 'new thought' on this site is considered thought on ideas about your thoughts create things, attraction thinking, and how your thoughts create your reality. Some of these date back to the early 1900s, so I guess 'new thought' is a relative term.

Anyhoo, here's the site....

Then look to the left and take a peek at all the different subjects on this site. It really is a treasure trove of different world philosophies, and ideas.

Be brave and check out something outside your normal scope of thought. You never know what you may stumble on that might change your life.

Namaste', friends......


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are You Using This Tool Every Time You Take Action?

This may be a simple concept but I want you to take some time and really think about it, apply it to your current and possible future choices. You can even apply it to past choices and see how it's affected your life up until now.

So here's the story:

I approached my son the other day riiiiiggghhhhttt when he was about to punch his sister in the arm. He is six and she is four, and they have the typical loving sibling relationship.

Seems she 'started it' by pushing him or saying something or looking at him wrong, and he felt the urge to retaliate by slugging her in the arm.

I stopped him mid-punch, pulled him aside and said, 'Ok, boy, here's the deal. you're probably not gonna get the concept this first time around but I'm gonna keep telling it to you until it sinks in.  For every choice, every decision in life you make, there is a benefit to reap and a cost to be paid.

So let's work this punching your sister in the arm thing out. On the benefit side, it will make you feel better and vindicated immediately. You'll get some frustration out, and get to be the 'victim' because she did something to you first.'

He just stared at me. I continued...

'The cost of doing this is, your sister will come tell me about it, and you'll end up getting busted and sent to your room, after apologizing to your sister of course, and then the long talk will come. Plus you'll be teaching her how to punch and, eventually, she'll have a better punch than you.'

Taking a look at both the benefits and costs of punching your sister in the arm, are you still finding it something you want to do? We could take a look at the benefits and costs of not punching your sister.'

I was ready to go on that end of the argument as well, but as six year old boys commonly do, my son had already forgotten about the incident.

'Can I go play outside?'  Sure. Go for it.

Now, while I hope to think that the lesson had sunk in to grasshopper, I kind of looked at is as more of a reminder to me in regards to some choices I've been making, and need to make.

Let me ask you...

Are you procrastinating in your business? Surely, there are benefits to that. You get more time to watch tv and veg out after a long day at your j-o-b.  Costs? Absolutely there are costs. I don't need to remind you, you know what they are.

You can also look at it this way. I discovered this way decision making, by the way, from a book written by Suzy Welch called 10-10-10.

It basically goes over the concept of the benefits and costs, but does it in a general timeline.

For example:

1. The first 10, or the 'now', meaning today, or this week, or this month.

2. The second 10. This refers to the near future. The foreseeable future, where the decision has been acted upon, but the consequences are still being played out. You can predict a general outcome with the benefits and costs.

3. The third 10. This refers to a time in the future that is vague. It can be 10 years. But you can speculate on the long term affects of your decision.

It's quick and easy to do, both of those exercises to benefits and costs, but can really show you how your decisions today, can affect you both immediately and in the future.

If you're up for it, let's have someone give an example and we'll discect it.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Use the 'F' Word to Make Money

We've covered this, right? NO?! Well, certainly you've been taught this timeless tip, right? NO?!

Oh, dear. Ok.

How many of you hear objections as to why someone doesn't find your opportunity appealing?

Here's a few common objections:

I don't have time
I don't have the money to get started
I don't have any experience
I don't...I can't....I'm not...

And so on.

And, they really might be good points the prospect brings up. But most of the time, the objections are really based on....get ready for this revalation.....fear. Yes, my friends, the old fear of failure...rejection rears its ugly head yet once again.

However, there is a way to let the prospect know, 'hey, it's ok to have those objections. Heck, even I felt that way.'  See where I'm leading with this?

So here's an example of how to help the prospect overcome their own objections. Remember, we're not looking to convince or hard sell the prospects. We want them to come to their own conclusions without the wall of fear overcoming them.

Here's how it would go...

'Well, it sounds interesting, but I just don't have the time to get involved in that.'

'Mr. Prospect, I totally understand how you feel. When I first looked at this I felt the same way. I was over worked and underpaid. I have two kids into sports, plus I wanted time for myself.  But here's what I found....'

Feel. Felt. Found.

I know how you FEEL.
I FELT the same way.
Here's what I FOUND.

It helps the prospect to understand they aren't alone in what they are feeling and there are solutions to their objections.

It brings a certain level of comfort to the situation, which allows the prospect to be able to step out of their comfort zone while still feeling a bit of safety.

Now, let me tell you. This wording can be used in tons of different situations in life, not just MLM prospecting. Give it a go and let me know your results!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finishing your Elevator Pitch

Last post, I introduced you to the first two components of creating an effective elevator pitch, or your 30 second commercial.

An effective pitch is looking to create a response from the person your telling it to. What is the desired response? When they say, 'tell me more'.

So with the two components, of 1) pushing the pain button and 2) pushing the pleasure button, together we are pushing the Intrigue button.

Here's the last few steps of the elevator pitch you need to have at the ready.

1. Push the Intrigue button.  Does it compel the listener to want to know more?  You want the first two components to bring the listener to this button themselves.  What do you want to hear from them?

"How do you do that?"


"Tell me more."


It's here that I introduce my business.

"With (insert your company here) I give them (or help them or teach them)......."

And then insert one to three relevant points as to what you do. Then finish it...

"so they can continue to......" (create an income from home, be home with their children, etc)

Getting it?  Great.

You might also, at this point, bring in a few points that sets you and your opportunity stand out from anything else they might hear.  Make yourself stand out.

For example,  "Most opportunities just help people this way. What is unique about our business is....

Then, quickly, give them a short success story. It can be your success story or, if you don't have one yet, borrow another one from one of the many distributors in your successline or team.  There are countless examples of how your opportunity became someone's success story, right?

We're almost done.

The last button is the call to action button. But it's not specifically asking them if they are interested.  We're going to get them working for you whether they sign up with your or not. This is the ultimate networking step.

Ready?  Here's the last step.

2 Push the 'help a friend' button.  You actually are not going to ask them, 'does this interest you?' That question puts people on the spot and uncomfortable. We're going to give them the opportunity to join, don't get me wrong, but we're going in the back door to do that.

Here's the question....

 'Do you know anyone who would like to be home with their children while at the same time creating an income?'

(or whatever you've decided your niche market is)
This gets them out of the spotlight and puts them in the position of being able to help you out. People in general really want to help others out and you've just given them an opportunity to do so.

Now, this person will either be thinking of people they might know that your opportunity can benefit, OR they may be thinking, 'I know who you can help....ME.'

This process is really a passive way to get your information out there without being one of 'those' network marketers we all dread coming across.

Write your pitch out. Practice it with friends and family. I've actually practiced it with friends and have had them become interested in the business. Teach it to your team, and watch the positive results roll in!

So have you got your pitch down?



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Got Your Elevator Speech Down?

So do you? No? Not even sure what it is?

Let me ask you this. When someone asks, 'what do you do?' How do you answer? Uhhh, errr....Hmmm?

For a long time, I just answered, 'I'm a stay at home mom.' Can you just imagine how much that moved my business forward? Ya. Not at all.

But it can be confusing on how to tell people. Many times, people have misconceptions of MLM, so if we say, 'I'm with so and so, an MLM company.', it turns people off immediately.

We've got approximately 30 seconds to get our idea across. Here are some steps on how to build  YOUR pitch.

1. Start with an 'enrolling' question. Get the listener engaged. It can also be called the 'pain' button, or pushing the pain button. It speaks specifically to a problem my opportunity solves and to whom.

Here's mine geared towards working moms:

"There are so many working women who ache to be home with their chilren, but desparately need the 2nd income. You know what I mean?"

Suddenly, more than likely, they can relate. In fact, many times they'll say, 'I can totally relate.'

By asking the last question back to them, I'm keeping them engaged. I'm looking for a response.

2. Push the Pleasure Button. This is your solution and the benefits of your solution. This is NOT where you go upchucking your compensation plan. Save it for later, after you've developed a relationship.

Here's mine:

"I give these women the opportunity to do just that by offering up a vehicle and the one on one coaching and training needed to succeed so they can create a flexible and rewarding career from home."

That's IT. Two small steps. With those two small steps, I'm hoping for the listener to ask the next few questions.

Stay with me, and in a few days, I'll present those next few steps.

In the meantime, how are you doing with your elevator speech?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Jim Rohn

If you've been involved in network marketing for any good amount of time, you've heard his name. If you could see my library, you'd see loads of his books and recordings on the shelves, and on my nightstand.

Today, one of the great gurus has passed on to the next adventure.

Take some time to learn about Jim Rohn's contributions. Then go out, or get online and scoop of some of his great teachings.

Great luck to you, Jim. We'll see you on the other side.



How's Your Year Going?

Ya, I know. You probably thought, 'what does it matter at this point?'

Well, thing is, I'm not talking about 2009. I'm talking about 2010.

I'm sure a lot of bloggers are talking about 2010 right now, as they should be.

Maybe, with all the talk of getting 2010 in order now, people will get it.

Did you know that the beginning of the year is when most people start their search for a home based business?

The holidays are over, and people are having to get back to their job. The job they can't stand, the one that takes up ALL of their time and thoughts, and doesn't pay squat.

That first month back, they are thinking long and hard and wanting a solution.

So are you gonna be that solution? Do you have your elevator speech primed and ready to go when someone asks, 'so what is it you do?'

Are you geared up to hit the networking meetings? Referral groups? No?

Time to get on it my friends. If you are, I'd love to hear your plans..let's get brainstorming for an abundant 2010!