Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad News

My kids aren't here this week, so I turned on the tv this morning and watched national news for the first time in months. Yike.

It was mostly background noise for a bit, then I heard a story about a new website that is out there. I'm not giving the name, because I don't want anyone going there. Of course, since it's been on national news now I'm sure it will skyrocket in ratings.

The basis of the website is for people to be able to post criticisms about other people. People actually get to rate YOU. Heck, in fact they can create an account about you, so others can just rate you without doing much. Ouch. And, apparently, the only person who can take the profile down (aside from the webmaster), is the person who created the profile. You have no control over this profile.

Of course they interviewed someone about it and they stated, 'everybody has the right to criticize someone'

Doesn't that just shock you? How does this resonate with you? Personally, I'm disgusted. I couldn't believe people will spend their time and energy 'tattling' on other people instead of just finding people of a higher calibur to surround themselves with.

So, two things here. First, look around and if there is someone you just can't stand, stop hanging out with them! Step up the calibur of your friends. People don't realize that more than likely, if they are hanging out with wieners, there is a good chance that they wiener themselves, right?

Second, within five minutes of watching the news, I had turned that tv back off. It's full of crap. It's nasty stuff. Stay away from it and free your mind from what mainstream America wants you to think.

People will say to me, 'did you hear the news about...isn't it horrible? The world is CLEARLY coming to an end! The economy! What will we do! aacckk!!'

Talk about the sky is falling. Stop watching the news. Try staying away from the tv altogether for a while. You'll be amazed at how much time you have, and how much better you feel! Keep your head clear!



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