Sunday, April 4, 2010

Renewal of Hope

Hi Folks. I hope you have a very peace filled Easter weekend.  Easter/Ostara/Spring, which ever you prefer to call it, is about  re-birth. Rebirth of a savior, the Sun God, the Earth, opportunities in life, renewal of hope and so on. It's a very beautiful time, when we let out a long soft sigh, knowing warm weather, and longer days are on the way.

Today, take a bit time today and observe yourself with the people you are around. If you can, discover your authentic self. How you speak with friends, and family.

Then, next time you are speaking with a prospect or client, observe yourself. Is this the same authentic self you were with friends and family? Or, perhaps, you have taken on the persona of 'sales' or 'network marketing' you. 

Many times, we leave the authentic self behind, thinking that is what it takes when working with clients or prospects.

Well, stop it. They don't want the network or sales person. People want to talk with you. Drop the act and be you. Use the FORM method as part of your conversation, all the time, so it becomes natural.

Then watch your closing ratios skyrocket.



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Alan said...

Hi Jhanna,

This is a great post! Many people don't realize how much life the news sucks out of you. I haven't turned on a TV for anything except watching a movie in over a year.

You're in great company, Mark Yarnell or NuSkin fame and Wallace D. Wattles in "The Science of Getting Rich," among others, recommend giving up the news while building your business.

Thanks for the excellent post!