Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are You Doing This With Your Product Line?

For most MLM companies, selling product of some sort is the backbone of revenue, and most distributors have a tendency straight out of what it looks like in their catalog or website.

Some companies are getting smart and are now grouping products that are designed to be sold together. This increases sales, and exposes the customer to different products that they otherwise might not have tried.

Ok, so perhaps your company does not do this. Who is to say that YOU can't do this?  The company I am a distributor for doesn't group products together. I'm actually ok with this, because it gives me the freedom to create packages for my customers that suit their needs.

You can do the same. Create generic packages that give, for example, a sampling of each product line. If you're in nutritionals pick one product from each line, perhaps a multi-vitamin, a probiotic, and something else that enhances the general well being of your customer.  If it's makeup, a lipstick, a foundation, and a blush, or powder. Then let them pick the colors.

Your packages don't have to be big, in fact, you can have different sized packages. I use, from my line, a package that has three products, four, and up to 10 products.

Now, here's the trick. Don't discount these packages. We're inclined to think that because it's a package, it needs to be discounted, but that's not the case.

There is no reason to discount your products because you are packaging them together. You are only packaging them together, to make it convenient for the customer. Trust me, busy customer's will appreciate that you have taken the time to do this. With a large product line, it can actually be quite overwhelming to pick only a few. Customer's can go into 'analysis paralysis' with too many options. In the end, many just end up not ordering.

Make it easy for them to order. It's why meal deals are so popular at fast food restaurants. They can just say, 'give me meal # whatever.' They can now do the same with you, 'Oh, I'd like package #3'. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

You're making your customer's life easier, and respecting their time by doing this, and you're increasing your sales and income! Rock on!




Patrick McIntosh said...

Like what you said about keeping it simple. That is the truth. Take the hassle out. It will get done.

Jhanna Dawson said...

Thanks for the contribution, Patrick! People want things fast and easy. So, let's give it to them! lol...

Rock on!