Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can't Seem to Find It?

I talk a lot about MLM, Network Marketing, Transformation, and all sorts of other goodies on this blog.

Guess that makes sense, huh? I mean, MLM and NM IS about transforming from who you are, to who you can truly be in all your glory.

But there are times when we are just beat down. Lots of bad news on the media (I keep telling you, stop watching!), lots of 'no, I'm not interested', and giving giving giving (not that that's a BAD thing).

Well I found this little nugget of hope today and I want you to pass it along. Pass it along to EVERYone you know. Even better, bring them to this blog and have them link through from here. (can't hurt to ask spread the joy, right? ;) )

Anyhoo, it's a site called  Gives Me Hope.

GMH for short. I've started tweeting about it using the hashtag #GMH .  I'm sure on Twitter people think, for the most part, think it's a business link, or there's a price attached, or some sort of catch.

But if I can get even ONE person on my followers (which is now nearing 1,000 quality followers) to link through to it and be affected by it, AND create their own 'gives me hope' moment, then I'm happy.

Go take a peek. Read some of the very short, beautiful moments. Bring kleenex. Get ready for your heart to grow 1,000%.



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