Monday, March 8, 2010

Is This Part of Your 'Thing'?

I went out with my friend, a respected professional in the area, the other day, for lunch at a nice restaurant.

When the server delivered our drinks to us I asked, 'What's your name?"

"Cheryl", She said with a smile.

"Thank you, Cheryl". I said.

My friend looked at me, 'That was nice that you asked her name. Is it one of those things you do in order to start the conversation about your network marketing business?'

I looked at her and laughed.

'No', I said, 'It's one of those things I do as a matter of respect. I always ask the person's name. If I'm just getting a coffee, I'll ask the person who is serving me and then thank them by name. To me, it's reminding them, and me, that they are important.'

She sat and thought for a few moments.

When the server came back with our food, my friend looked up at her and said, 'Thanks, Cheryl.'

The server smiled. "My pleaure."

"Wow, that felt good.", My friend said.

"Think how she feels. We took the time to learn her name. Validate and appreciate. It's important to others, and just feels good."

For the rest of the meal we received the most outstanding service I have ever experienced.

Something as small of an act such as asking a person's name can mean the world to someone else. Don't rob them of it, and don't rob yourself of it. We're all connected and when you remember to do this, you'll be reminded of our connection to each other.

Get out there and spread the love.




Debbie Rice said...

I do the same and always receive comments from family and friends that I'm so polite. It is not just being polite, it is showing value and respect. I think anybody who has ever worked with the public knows how it feels to have a customer express how they value and respect you. It can make your day!

Kim Williams said...

i'm with you on this one. those who have ever served understand...

Jhanna Dawson said...

While we can add dignity to any job we have, I think it's important to remember that we also can add dignity to anyone's job with something as simple as using their name as well as looking them in the eye.

Great comments, Debbie & Kim.

I appreciate your comments.