Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Active Listening

We are all good listeners, right? Well, we want to think we are good listeners, anyway.

But how many times during a conversation are you just waiting for the other person to finish their sentence because you are pretty sure you have something even more important to contribute to the conversation?

How many times, while someone else is speaking, are you thinking of the next thing you'll say?

Many times, during those moments, while we are thinking of what we are going to say next, we miss out on some really important thoughts the other person is expressing. Their needs, wants, desires, goals, and more can be discovered when we stop thinking for a moment and just listen. From there we can discover if we are able to help them in anyway with our opportunity, products, or can refer them to someone who can.

Tips for better listening:

1. Look the person in the eye.

2. Repeat back to the person certain thoughts to make sure you understand. For example, 'So what I hear you saying is....'. This will allow for both parties to be on the same page and let's the other person know you are listening.

3. Don't interrupt.

3. Ask follow up questions. Again for clarification and it shows the other person you are listening, not just hearing.

Start to pay attention to when you are with other people to see how you are doing with your listening skills. Then check back here and let me know how you are doing with it!

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