Sunday, February 19, 2012

The $100K Question

Why work from home?


I LIKE how inquisitive you are! Here's a partial list of the benefits I experience by working a home based business.

1. Personal Freedom. I structure my work day, which allows me to gain control over my life. Be careful, though. This one can get us into trouble if we don't approach the business as a business.

2. Healthier Lifestyle.  I have more opportunities to have a healthy, fresh lunch and more time to create a healthy, well rounded dinner for my family. Even better, I can easily make time for my running or to teach an indoor cycling class at the local gym. Most people are fighting their weight.

3. Increased Productivity. I work best in the early morning and, therefore am able to be more productive before the entire west coast hits their first stop in the traffic jam to work. When are you most productive?

4. Better Balance Between Work and Life. I can help get my two young kids ready for school, volunteer in their classrooms, and pick them up when they get out of school. For my business, people are actually attracted to the opportunity more when they may happen to hear a child in the background giggling every now and then.

5. Low Overhead. Have you ever priced a franchise? Do you happen to have $50K laying around or are you willing to get a loan for that amount? My business start up cost was $599 for the company product and business kit. No loan needed, no saving for years, no employee costs. $599. Done.

6. Less Stress. All of the points above lead to less stress in my life compared to when I was working at a job. Even though I'm probably busier than I was at work (I had to work REAL hard to always look busy while at my job), I love what I'm doing, it fits my lifestyle choices and therefore I'm in the flow instead of feeling like fighting the current all the time. How do you feel when you get home?

Dave Ramsey was recently quoted as saying, 'Now is the worst time to get a second job, but it's the best time to start your own business.'

I can beat that. Now is the best time to start your own home based business.

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