Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Aboard the Prosperity Train

Allegory of Abundance
Ahhh, prosperity. Everybody wants it, it seems a select few obtain it, right? Wrong. More have it than not, they just choose to not recognize it.

Why? Because most people (not You and me, of course) only look at the money aspect of prosperity. Even, then many people are doing a lot better than they like to think. For some, it's just more fun to be the victim (oh, I'll NEVER have enough money to do what I want!)

So what defines 'prosperity' in my book? Well, instead of my book, let's take a look at what Catherine Ponder  considers prosperity from her book, 'Open Your Mind to Prosperity'.

1. Prosperity includes Peace of mind.  Mercy, there's a big one. Perhaps, though, peace of mind comes with the money part of prosperity? Again, we turn it around. Peace of mind can include a quiet evening, good reading, enjoyable study, an afternoon in the park.

2. Prosperity includes Harmony. Come to terms and peace with where you are right at this moment and move with what is in your life right at this moment.

3. Prosperity includes Health. BIG one that I am reminded of every time I feel off, physically, whether that is a sore muscle, chills, or feeling a bit down. It really is true, without health, nothing else matters.

4. Prosperity includes Financial plenty. Of course, we can't forget money. It's OK to include that in prosperity. Just don't make it ALL about money.

When we look at prosperity in these broader terms, it's easier to realize we are pretty danged prosperous, every day and in every way. My experience has been that when I am reminded of my current prosperity, it empowers me to bring forth more of the same. My perception shifts from impoverished to abundance.

With this small shift in perception, it can change our days from dull to bright. I invite you to apply these concepts of prosperity to your life right now and see where it takes you. Where do you find prosperity?

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