Monday, February 27, 2012

Here's the Plan, Man.

Ok, here's the standard plan. I"m going to guess that all of us know this one inside and out.

Grow up, get a college degree, and get a job. Or just get out of high school and get a job. Stay with the job for as long as possible in hopes that you won't be downsized or fired, that can afford to keep working there, and that they keep the benefits affordable.  THEN, hope to God that you have invested enough during your lifetime without depriving yourself of every possible thing that might increase your enjoyment that you can get through the end of your life without being completely broke.

Even thought this action plan sounds painfully dismal, it MUST be an awesome plan because so many of us are doing it. In fact, in our society it seems like this is the only plan available.  The only alternative presented to us is to start our own business. If we buy into a franchise, it costs thousands in franchise fees alone. If we start up our own business, it means longer hours with lower pay for the first five years or more (if we succeed), and doing everything ourselves unless we hire employees, and we know what a hassle employees can be and what they can cost (see first paragraph).

Apparently, these are the only options available to us.  Most people, however, go with the first plan and PRAY it will work out.

I recently read that the USPS will be cutting over 35,000 jobs here pretty quickly. The POST OFFICE. I remember when the post office was THE job to get if one wanted stability, great benefits, really good pay, and so on.

There goes that chunk of the rock. The traditional 9-5 job seems to be coming less and less.  So, we've painted ourselves into a corner now, haven't we? Or have we? Well, Sunshine, there IS another option. And I want YOU to have it.

I want you to start implementing this option as soon as you are possibly able. So that, not if, but when the time comes (whether your employer decides that time or YOU do), you are ready for it. I want you to take this option and RUN with it. I want you to go as far and wide with this option as possible, showing as many people as possible so that they, too, may take advantage of this as well.

We only thrive with this option when we help others thrive.

What could start your own business for $599? Chump change compared to ANY other business model?

What if........someone else supplied the product, the shipping, the marketing, the labeling, the research, more research, and even more research?

What if.....someone else provided the paperwork, the website, the outline of the business, the employees, the UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee?

What if.....someone else handled with the regulations and rules of creating all the product?

What if....someone else created a solid system that trains EVERYone, including yourself, at no cost to you or anyone?

And what if....there was a system in place where you knew exactly how much income you would be creating for yourself and others?

All YOU have to do is share the business and product. All YOU have to do is find people who want this freedom as well?

Let me ask, how many of you are sick of your job? Give me a show of hands

Ok, most of you. So we know there are MANY others out there aside from you that are looking for another option.

You might be thinking, WIIFM.  What's In It For Me? Fair enough, let's find out.

How about...

You get....peace of mind that all of the above is taken care of in a professional manner.

You have your OWN business, without the hassle of running a brick and mortar business.

You serve others, knowing how miserable you are/were in your job, and others are probably in the same boat.

You introduce people's dreams BACK to them.

You earn as much income as YOU choose to earn, not what a boss tells you. (hey, no glass ceiling here!)

You get....the best products on the market, the best system, the best customer service, the best of the best, with the best looking out for YOUR best interests.

You benefits from having a business from home. Which means...

You keep more of your hard earned money (now you get to actually pay OFF debt instead of going further into it! You get to invest and save and DO things!)

You hang out with the highest calibur movers and shakers in this world. Hey, some of the richest people have taken advantage of this option.

You get....FREEDOM from the 8-5 Monday - Friday with only major holidays and weekends off.

Ok, so let's have you weight this option with your current option.

If you don't think what I just gave you is real, I'll tell you what. You can keep your job and take this option, start it (yes, you can do that with this option) and make this option your PLAN B.

Plan A can be your belief and trust that your employment will secure you and yours for a lifetime (75% of Americans over 65 are either dead or dead broke, by the way.), and you can work this option as well.

That way, you can either create extra income, just by talking about this option with others, or you can build this business until income passes your current one. Or you can do both forever. It's up to you.

Basically, with this option alone it opens up an opportunity of a lifetime.

So, what do you plan to do with this opportunity? Are you just going to set it aside and walk away knowing what you have in your hands here? Are you going to hand it off to someone else so you can watch them get all the benefits while you get into commute traffic once again?

Think about it.  I mean, really mull this one over in the 'ol noggin. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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