Thursday, March 29, 2012

This One Secret Will Bring You Massive Success in Life.

I'm about to show you how to get more clients, customers, sign ups, friends, connections, along with others edifying you.

I'm about to show you and it's super simple. Once I learned this tip, everything changed in my life. I stopped seeing people as customers and saw them as an opportunity to serve them. That opportunity may or may not include my service.

So here it is.

You honor them. You get to know them. You ask them questions, find out about them, what their needs are and how you can fill those needs with your service. If you can't fill their needs, you offer up someone who can. You give a genuine smile,  a true compliment, ask questions and clarifying questions.

We learn about the person, not what the person has to offer us, or what the person can do for us. They come before out product, our opportunity, or what we have to sell.

Become that go-giver we've talked about. Ask for a business card and ask, 'what is your ideal client?', so you know exactly who to be looking for on their behalf. Make it sincere. Don't rush through getting to know the person to get to your bottom line.

When you truly honor people it stops becoming about you and your agenda. Don't interrupt, don't talk over them, don't think about what you are going to say next, and just listen to what they are saying. That is when you are going to find their needs.

Don't ya love it when people ask about you; are genuinely interested in you? Isn't it wonderful to receive a compliment or to learn someone has spoken highly of you? Ya, me too.

You honor people. It's simple. You honor people everywhere, all the time. Not just the people you think you are going to get something from, or the people from church or work, or just when you feel like it. All the time, everywhere.

Honor people, all the time, everywhere.

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