Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your Perspective Is...

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." Perspective defines how you see the world, and the decisions you make in response to situations which may arise.
Last post, I told you about how the Universe gets our attention when it comes to changing.  I brought this up because lately, I've been noticing lots or reoccurring messages throughout the day and have been putting a lot of thought into them.

So the other day, the subject of Perspective came up. Several  times, I came across posts, quotes, comments, etc on perspective.

I thought, 'ok, I get it. Does my perspective need a change in an area of my life? All areas? Tell me. Please. Before you drop a brick wall on me.'

So I started paying attention to my perspective on things. I started paying attention to what I think about right when I awaken in the morning; especially the mornings when it's required that I'm up at 5am.

I started thinking about when I'm angry at someone; the thoughts that run through my head. I started paying attention to the energy I give a situation that I don't want any part of.

I took a step back and looked at how I was perceiving all of these events. Was I approaching them with a open heart, a willingness to adapt and change with circumstances? Or was I being rigid and becoming angry that I couldn't change what I wanted changed?

That is the key. The only thing I can change is myself. The personal power that I feel when I realize how my reality can change just by changing my perspective is incredible. It offers up freedom. I can change my perspective and change my thoughts towards situation. Changing my thoughts changes my actions on how I approach my circumstances. And that changes my reality.

Now while I still prefer to sleep in until 7am, when I awaken at 5am to get to they health club and teach a 6am class, I have changed my perspective from 'holy hell, it's still dark out', to 'What an opportunity for me to help others achieve their fitness goals and get them in a great frame of mind before they go out into their day.'

I look at the stinky situation I've come across and instead think, 'How can I learn while IN this process? How can I approach it with new eyes and a positive outlook? I'm grateful for the opportunity'.

A change in your perspective really can change your life in the blink of an eye.

So what is your current perspective on your biggest challenge right now, and how can changing that perspective create a positive environment for everyone involved?

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