Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Release That Party Diva

Ok, you might think this is a post about hosting a party or party plan ideas. And, you'd sort of be right.

So then you'd think, 'well, I'm not IN a party plan company. I wouldn't do one of 'those'.

Sweet. But I'm going to suggest here that you CAN and it would be WISE of you to hold at LEAST one party. You're own open house or home party.

Just to back up a bit here, the reason why home parties are so successful, aside from the high quality products and good time everyone has these days at them, is the distributor is able to get in front of many prospects at once.

Instead of talking to one or two people at a time, the distributor can now be in front of 10 or more at a time. Do two or three parties a week, we are talking 20-30 people a week the distributor is introducing their business and products to.

Now, perhaps there are some non party distributors who, when they open their mouths, everyone is fair game to hear about their products and opportunity but that ain't how most of us roll.

With a party plan, a distributor can potentially get in front of thousands. No wonder someone can skyrocket right up the line in a short amount of time in a party plan.

Ok, so there's the concept behind party plan companies. Now here's YOUR chance to hold at least one party.

Remember when you signed on with your company and you wrote up your warm list? It was necessary to contact each one separately and talk with them each about your new opportunity.

I'm going to suggest that, whether you're new to your company, or have been with it for a while, to hold an open house or party with your products and opportunity as the star.

Create a simple evening with a two hour window or so, and put your products on display. If your company offers a diet plan with shakes, make those shakes! Let people taste what you have to offer. Delicious and healthy chocolates? Great, put them out. Put out ALL of your products as samples, if possible. Put out a kit so they can see and touch what they get if they sign with you. Get the computer out and show the website.

Juices? Put it out. If it's something other than food, make a grand display and offer samples. You are smart enough to get into the MLM industry, I know you're smart enough to come up with something to show off your products and offer your guests a small sampling of it at the same time.

With the parties I've done, I always offer a theme. So come up with a theme. Fiesta theme, wine and chocolate, relax and chill (I've had a massage therapist show up for one of the parties and give shoulder massages), and so on. It doesn't have to be expensive either. Just like with MLM itself, keep it simple.

To get more people to the party, offer incentives. Pull some ideas from the party plan companies. For example, offer up prizes.

If someone brings a friend, they get a gift. If someone purchases product, they get a small gift, and so on. These gifts can be something from your product line or a small something from the Dollar store. You pick.

When everyone is there, give your speech. Now if you're not from the party plan industry, you might not quite know how to do this without sounding like a sales pitch. There are loads of qualified party plan trainers that you can tap into to help with this. And really, if you learn from one of them, you'll discover that you can use the techniques and language all the time, not just that one time, when discussing your opportunity.

JulieAnne Jones is the one trainer that comes to mind immediately to learn about the ins and outs of party language. Her website is and she offers a LOT of great information on her website for free.

Now you have the potential to introduce your product and opportunity to a larger amount of people in a very small window of time, and it gets the word out about what you're up to. Remember, word travels. Your mailcarrier might not be interested, but the next day that person can be talking about what they did the night before and it goes from there.

When you sign a new distributor on, you can help them with their own open house/party, to show them how easy it can be. It's easy and totally duplicatable.

So learn from the party plan and party your way to success. Oh, ya, and have fun!!



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