Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Ask THE Questions

So you've got everything going in order to be an MLM rockstar. You've watched the amazing videos by some of the best trainers, you've memorized the scripts, you're using the products and so on. You have your business cards with you at all times and your opportunity CD, and whatever else you need in order to rock it.

But when push comes to shove, and we need to do the most important thing possible, ASKING if someone is interested, you suddenly choke. It's on the tip of your tongue, your lips are forming the first words, your heart is pounding, but it stops there.

The conversation ends, you go your own way and, more than likely, berate yourself and mull over it the rest of the day, convincing yourself that tomorrow will be different. Only, it's not.

Does this sound familiar? Do you have team partners who do this?

Trust me, I know the feeling, because I did that. My heartbeat gets going still, every time.

A few things I have learned is that your language and how you present things can make a world of difference in how you are received.

Here's a few of my favorites when approaching people that helps take the edge off of you and them, and still produces some rewarding results.

1. First, I don't ask the person directly if they are interested. Well, sometimes I do, but for the most part, this puts a person on the spot and can be uncomfortable. Here's what I say:

"Do you happen to know anyone who ___________ "(is trying to release weight, burns scented candles, loves chocolate, takes supplements, is looking to created extra or replace their income, etc.)

I've learned that, no matter what, we humans like to help out when we can. By me asking this question, 'do you know anyone who...', it takes the person directly off the hook and puts them into a position of being able to help one of their friends out.

Most of the time, they are contemplating their situation and whether they can take advantage of the product line as well.

I ask the question and then I wait. I stop talking and wait. I give them a moment to think about it. I have yet to have the person respond with, 'No. No I don't know ANYone like that.'

Now, granted the product line I represent is a very popular and widely used product, so the chances of someone using it is pretty high. Regardless, more than likely they will know SOMEone.

When they answer, 'yes, of course.' I then pull out a business card, or a sample, or a catalog, information, whatever I have, but I DON'T hand it to them yet.

I then ask the 'If...would' question.

"If I give you this ___________ (catalog, sample, catalog, etc), would you give this to them and have them contact me?"

If they, themselves, are the ones who are interested I will then say, 'If I give this to you, will you ____________(go through the catalog, read the information, watch the CD, try the sample, etc), and get back to me?'

I ask them this in all honesty. If they say 'no', then I don't want to give it to them. I'll hang on to it. I'll say, 'well if you can think of anyone, just let me know.'

Really, I've yet to have someone say no, and I know that they are taking a genuine look at the product, or trying the sample and getting back to me with feedback.

Sometimes the feedback is, 'may I please have more information' and sometimes the feedback is, 'Thanks, I'm not interested'.

Regardless of the answer, it's taken the paralyzing feeling of fear out of the approach.

Finally, this person will continue to think of you and your product because now they know what you have to offer.

For example, if a friend approaches them and says, "ugh, I'm trying to lose weight again." Immediately, you will pop into your friend's mind and the chances of them recommending you to your friend is pretty high.

Eventually, you'll start to lose the fear of approaching people, and you'll discover what works for you in regards to talking to people about your product and opportunity.

Have fun!



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