Friday, February 19, 2010

The Close, Cont'd

Here's the thing with the 'close'. Everyone has a tendency to get freaked out about it. The common belief that the close is this manipulated, controlling, and directed procedure is enough to not ask for the business. It is true that in the past that is how the close of the sale happened.
However, if you have read and have applied the lessons from 'The Go-Giver', you'll understand the relationship that has been developed, the value that has already been given, and the close then becomes a natural movement in the conversation.

Asking someone, 'So can you see the benefits and ready to sign today?' is a bit different then the conversation flowing towards a natural close of, 'How does this opportunity feel to you? Does it feel right? If not, that's ok. I want what works best for you, even if it's not my opportunity.'

People are so terrified of asking, for fear that they are pressuring the other person that they end up just leaving the opportunity dead on the floor.  Have you ever heard the story of the person who told their friend about their opportunity, stating how great it was, how well they were doing with it and so on? Then they were shocked when their friend signed on to the company but with someone else.

Confused, the person asked why. The friend said, 'You never asked me, they did.'

It's ok to ask. It's not ok to pressure someone. You can close the conversation with asking without 'closing' the sale. There's a difference. :0)



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