Monday, February 1, 2010

What Does Arthur Get That You Don't?

I swear, I get the best lessons from my kid's tv programs. This is good feedback for me, as I realize that I'm having them watch the right programs for great lessons.

Today's lesson is from Arthur. On this episode, Arthur takes on the mail at the post office. He goes in with the best intentions, is excited, and ready to take on the world. Arthur goes in and when he sees what needs to be accomplished, he's totally overwhelmed, stressed, and, by the end of the day is ready to quit.

It's then that his mentor takes him aside and says, 'Arthur, if you use a system, the work gets done, and the results are there. All you have to remember is break it down. Focus on this: You deliver the mail letter by letter. That's all you need to do. Letter by letter.'

Arthur, tries it and goes from ready to quit to loving his work. Even his friends say, 'Arthur, come out and play, your work shouldn't be taking that long.'

To which Arthur replies, 'But I love doing this, this IS my play!'

HELLO! Did someone in MLM write this episode?

In the end, the mail 'master' gives Arthur something else to do AND, the ultimate reward, because his method has been so effective he gets to teach the next person.

If Arthur were in MLM, however, he'd get residual income from him training the next person. ;)

Remember, letter by letter. Friend by friend, step by step. It's all in front of us to accomplish and it's completely do-able.

Here's to YOU!

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