Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Close

This has been a hot topic lately, which is good, because it is where the action is happening. It's something that every sales person must learn and must learn as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, most, and this included me for a long while, learn everything but the close. We find hot prospects, people looking to create extra income or replace it, we talk with them, learn about them and their needs, introduce our product line and opportunity and then.....nothing.  We get nothing. They don't sign up.

What happened?

We don't ask for the business, that's what. We don't ask, 'so are you ready to get going?' We don't ask! It's as simple as that. Because when it comes to brass tacks, this is where most of us won't make it. We can talk a good talk, but start to choke when the actual question comes up.


Because it might result in a 'no'. And that 'no', for most, is taken personally. We suddenly start to think that perhaps what we have isn't the best thing since sliced bread. But that's a whole other entry.

Is it safer for you to never ask the question? True, you'd never hear that 'no', but you'd never hear that 'yes' either. What you might end up hearing is, 'hey I just signed on with your company with so and so, do you know them? I'm LOVING this!'

You've got to ask the question. Learn how to close the deal. Don't tell the prospect everything and then leave them hanging. Ask them question, get them thinking, get them intrigued, and then ASK. 

If you don't know how to close, get with your upline, and learn from them. Read books on sales and closing. Trust me, you don't have to sound like the used car salesman down the road saying, 'so what do I need to do in order to get you into this car today?' (although that's a pretty fun line).

Closing is a learned thing, just like most everything else. Remember, this business is about growth. If you didn't have any where you could grow in your life, you'd already be where you want to go.

So learn the close. Learn to ask the prospect, learn to ask the person about holding a party, learn to ask the person about purchasing product.

Now, real quickly I want to remind you, you aren't begging. No begging! You're asking. Know the difference.

If you've already got your close down, tell me what works for you. What's your best close? How did you discover how to close? I'd love to hear it.

In the meantime, keep on growing!



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