Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nuts & Bolts

I have a new client who is in one of the best MLM companies out there. I mean, if anyone has a system in place, it's them.

She told me her upline is local and they are wonderfully special people. And I have no doubt they are. She's been given the system, but is still contacting me for coaching.

So what's the deal, right?  She told me she needs the nuts and bolts of the industry. Who does she contact? What does she say? Where does she go to 'find' these people?

These are really good questions, and I think most that are overlooked by 'systems'. Most systems say, 'write up your warm market' or 'contact two a day'. These are true, but what happens when that warm market has been called? How does one bring up the subject? Then what??

Today, when you are out doing your 'thing' take notice of how many people you run in to who:

1. Have complained about their job
2. Are worrying about making ends meet
3. Who have been laid off
4. Is distressed over the current economy

I'm guessing you hear people ramble on quite a bit regarding these.  Hell, I complained constantly about my job when I was working outside the home. I still can't believe I didn't have MLM'ers coming at me in droves. Actually, I had to go out and find one. No one ever approached me.

Anyhoo, ith the approach you can do it a couple of ways. The traditional way:

"You know, Bob, I can't help but notice how often you bitch about your job. I mean it's ALL the time. I, personally don't know how you can stand it. (ok, maybe that's not how you would say it.) How open are you to opportunities that would allow you to leave your job and work from home within a certain amount of time? Totally open? Great. Here's my business card, let's talk."

If they say, 'Not open at all.' I hand them my card and say, 'Great, here's my business card, let's talk.'

Ok, maybe I will say that, maybe not. Depends on the person. But I DO say:

"Well, if you happen to know someone who is, perhaps someone at your job, would you be willing to give them my card? I'd like to help out as many people as possible."

Voila. Done.

You could approach them the way I mentioned in one of my earlier posts (similiar to above). The bottom line is, you need to get your opportunity in front of them.

Figure out a way that works best for you. Your way might be different than your upline. If you try to stammer out something that doesn't fit who you are, it's going to sound phony, contrived, and uncomfortable. As long as you keep with getting the question out "are you open" then you're golden.

The same process can be used with strangers. I've approached women in the park while my children played, I've approached people standing in line at the bank, the store, the post office, whatever.

Now, we need to go back to the 'some will, some won't, so what, next!'  Give them your business card and let go of the results.  I'm gonna repeat that.

Give them the business card and let go of the results.

You'll drive yourself nuts and burn out fast if you give a person your business card and then obsess on whether they are going to call or sign up or not.

The farmer, when seeding his fields does not throw out seeds and obsess over each one. He knows some will take and some won't. Do yourself a favor and let it go.

Eventually, you'll find the ones that take and the ones that don't. But none of them will take if you don't give them the opportunity.



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