Saturday, August 29, 2009

If You Can...You Must.

A few weeks ago, I took my kids out to dinner. (Honestly, we really don't go out that much! lol..)

Anyhoo, again, as the waitress, who was no more than 23, went to get our drinks, my six year old confided in me.

'Mom, I think her hair is really pretty.'

I looked at him and said, 'Ian, if you think so, tell her.'

He got all hunched over and put his hands to his mouth to cover his smile.

'No!', He said.

'Ian', I said, 'If you have a genuine compliment to give someone, it's your responsibility to give it. What good is the thought if you don't share it with that person? And, you never know, she may really need to hear something like that.'

Still, he said, 'no.'

After dinner, we were getting ready to leave. I approached the young waitress and said, 'my son thinks your hair is really pretty.'

I turned around to find my son hiding under the booth table. Jeez!

She went to the table, and crouched down and addressed my son.

'You know what?' She said, 'I just got my hair cut today and when I left I was crying because I thought it was the worst hair cut ever. I really, really needed to hear your compliment today. Come with me, I have something for you.'

My son followed, along with his younger sister, and the waitress produced two tootsie pops, one for each of them.

I looked at the waitress to say thank you. Instead, she thanked us. she looked at me and said, 'you have no idea how much I needed to hear that today.'

When we have a true compliment, when we see someone glowing, or has a bright smile, or whatever, our joyous response to it is wasted, if we don't share it with them.

Again, people crave to be recognized! So recognize them! Honestly, it's selfishly motivated, because I love giving compliments! I love seeing people light up, and again, it can be the beginning of a beyooootiful friendship!


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