Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to the Tribe

Ooh, it sounds so Survivor-ish, doesn't it?

And it kind of is. Except instead of booting people off the island, we're bringing people ON to the island.

Last night, I got onto the webinar that I told you about in my last post to learn more about tribes, tribal syndication, and what it all means.

Well, WOW. I am not kidding you, my head was still spinning while dreaming last night from all the value packed content this webinar held.

So here's the premise of tribes. Tribes are created in order to support and promote others in the same tribe. We visit each other's blogs, throw down some content rich comments, create back links, get on twitter and retweet each other's tweets, blogs, and sites, and more.

It's a support system and it's GREAT.

This tribe that I belong to, and now plan on getting WAY more involved with, has an incredible group of leaders and contributors I think I have ever seen. I mean, this group has got it going on.

For almost three hours last night, trainer after trainer got online and discussed their specialty, giving examples, ideas, tips, suggestions and little known, but easy, tricks to creating a better, more effective, and yes, more profitable social media experience. It was intense.

And it was all free. When was the last time you attended a three hour webinar that was interesting and helpful ALL the way through for FREE?

It was in support of their tribe. They gave all of that away to help support their tribe. Giver's gain. They are really go-Givers. I love that philosophy and therefore want to be a part of it.

The question is, do you? Do you want a piece of that action? It's not just about taking, and this isn't a sales pitch. Don't come on board unless you are willing to give.

So with that in mind, here are some people that I HIGHLY suggest you follow on twitter, friend on facebook, and get on their blogs. You can find out how to connect on all the social medias with them via their pages listed below:

If I missed anyone directly involved, please leave a comment and I'll get their info up here.

Again, another tribe that I dig on is:

Great mlm content, great people to work with.

By presenting a tribe, access to new people, and having them help each other, brings some amazing results to all of our business endeavors, whatever they may be.

If anyone has ANY additional information they'd like to contribute regarding tribes, I'd love to hear it. I'm still totally green to this and am looking to soak up as much information as possible.

As I learn more, and meet more leaders in this field I'll be sure to bring them on and write about them and the results I'm personally seeing using a tribe.




Kim Williams said...

i'd love to hear more about this Tribe concept. Please drop me a note or email... very interesting.

Jhanna Dawson said...

Hey Kim, I'll email you right now!