Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finishing your Elevator Pitch

Last post, I introduced you to the first two components of creating an effective elevator pitch, or your 30 second commercial.

An effective pitch is looking to create a response from the person your telling it to. What is the desired response? When they say, 'tell me more'.

So with the two components, of 1) pushing the pain button and 2) pushing the pleasure button, together we are pushing the Intrigue button.

Here's the last few steps of the elevator pitch you need to have at the ready.

1. Push the Intrigue button.  Does it compel the listener to want to know more?  You want the first two components to bring the listener to this button themselves.  What do you want to hear from them?

"How do you do that?"


"Tell me more."


It's here that I introduce my business.

"With (insert your company here) I give them (or help them or teach them)......."

And then insert one to three relevant points as to what you do. Then finish it...

"so they can continue to......" (create an income from home, be home with their children, etc)

Getting it?  Great.

You might also, at this point, bring in a few points that sets you and your opportunity stand out from anything else they might hear.  Make yourself stand out.

For example,  "Most opportunities just help people this way. What is unique about our business is....

Then, quickly, give them a short success story. It can be your success story or, if you don't have one yet, borrow another one from one of the many distributors in your successline or team.  There are countless examples of how your opportunity became someone's success story, right?

We're almost done.

The last button is the call to action button. But it's not specifically asking them if they are interested.  We're going to get them working for you whether they sign up with your or not. This is the ultimate networking step.

Ready?  Here's the last step.

2 Push the 'help a friend' button.  You actually are not going to ask them, 'does this interest you?' That question puts people on the spot and uncomfortable. We're going to give them the opportunity to join, don't get me wrong, but we're going in the back door to do that.

Here's the question....

 'Do you know anyone who would like to be home with their children while at the same time creating an income?'

(or whatever you've decided your niche market is)
This gets them out of the spotlight and puts them in the position of being able to help you out. People in general really want to help others out and you've just given them an opportunity to do so.

Now, this person will either be thinking of people they might know that your opportunity can benefit, OR they may be thinking, 'I know who you can help....ME.'

This process is really a passive way to get your information out there without being one of 'those' network marketers we all dread coming across.

Write your pitch out. Practice it with friends and family. I've actually practiced it with friends and have had them become interested in the business. Teach it to your team, and watch the positive results roll in!

So have you got your pitch down?



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