Sunday, December 6, 2009

Got Your Elevator Speech Down?

So do you? No? Not even sure what it is?

Let me ask you this. When someone asks, 'what do you do?' How do you answer? Uhhh, errr....Hmmm?

For a long time, I just answered, 'I'm a stay at home mom.' Can you just imagine how much that moved my business forward? Ya. Not at all.

But it can be confusing on how to tell people. Many times, people have misconceptions of MLM, so if we say, 'I'm with so and so, an MLM company.', it turns people off immediately.

We've got approximately 30 seconds to get our idea across. Here are some steps on how to build  YOUR pitch.

1. Start with an 'enrolling' question. Get the listener engaged. It can also be called the 'pain' button, or pushing the pain button. It speaks specifically to a problem my opportunity solves and to whom.

Here's mine geared towards working moms:

"There are so many working women who ache to be home with their chilren, but desparately need the 2nd income. You know what I mean?"

Suddenly, more than likely, they can relate. In fact, many times they'll say, 'I can totally relate.'

By asking the last question back to them, I'm keeping them engaged. I'm looking for a response.

2. Push the Pleasure Button. This is your solution and the benefits of your solution. This is NOT where you go upchucking your compensation plan. Save it for later, after you've developed a relationship.

Here's mine:

"I give these women the opportunity to do just that by offering up a vehicle and the one on one coaching and training needed to succeed so they can create a flexible and rewarding career from home."

That's IT. Two small steps. With those two small steps, I'm hoping for the listener to ask the next few questions.

Stay with me, and in a few days, I'll present those next few steps.

In the meantime, how are you doing with your elevator speech?

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Theody said...

I'm still working on my elevator speech but i think yours is really nice.