Monday, November 16, 2009

How Many Rabbits

There's a story that goes like this...

A man needed to go to town. He lived way out in the country, and it was going to take a bit to get into town on those dirt roads, so he started out early. He packed up his dog into the back of the truck and off they went.

As they drove down the dirt roads, the dog spotted a rabbit and took off after it. The man had seen the dog do this in the past, so wasn't worried. The dog always came back.

A while later, the dog caught up to the truck and jumped into the bed of the truck just a bit tired, and a bit beat up. He'd run through brambles, crops, and such, but just as the man knew, the dog was fine.

As they cruised down the dirt road, the dog saw another rabbit and took off again. This time the dog was gone for longer. Eventually, as always the dog came back to the truck and jumped in the back. Worn out, and with some cuts and scratches, but generally ok.

As the day went on, this happened again and again, with the dog spotting a rabbit, taking off, and eventually returning back to the truck.

The last time it happened, the man didn't see the dog for a while. He pulled into town, parked his truck, got out, and headed to the general store. When done, he put the items in his truck and looked around for his dog. No sign of it.

So he stopped to talk with his friends, had some dinner and relaxed. As he and his friends walked out to his truck to say goodbye, the man noticed the dog limping into town. There were small tufts of fur was missing, and cuts and scratches all over.

The man went to the truck, pulled out some water and poured it into a bowl for his dog, which was panting heavily.

 His friends were wide eyed at the sight of the dog. 'What happened? Where has your dog BEEN? What took him so long to get here?', they asked.

'Oh,' the man answered calmly, as the dog climbed into the bed of the truck and collapsed in exhuastion, 'he's fine, he'd have been here hours ago and not so beaten up, but he was busy chasing rabbits.'


Ok, anyone get what is the moral of the story? I'll give you a few days to answer, then we'll come back to it next post.

In the meantime, have a fantastic start of the week!

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