Saturday, November 7, 2009

Questions That Lead to Thinking....

One of the important aspects of talking with people is to lead them to your opportunity. Don't read that as PUSH them or CONVINCE them. Lead them.

You're not showing them your opportunity is the best, you're giving them the space to do that on their own.

Now, just to preface, these questions are asked after you've talked with the person, and perhaps used the F.O.R.M questions to learn more about them.

I personally like to get someone thinking and, best of all, dreaming.

So two questions I start with that really help me connect with the person:

1. What led you to look for a home based business at this time?

Clearly, something is going on in their lives that has them thinking that there must be a better way to create a lifestyle that they see others living, without sacrificing their firstborn. 

Either they are burned out, have been let go from their current job, their hearts ache when they drop their child off at the daycare, are starting over after some life crippling issue, and so on.

We all had our reasons, and continue to have our reasons as to why we do what we do. The question of  'what led you to look for something now?' will give you great insight as to why their back is against that 'wall' that I mentioned in a previous post.

More than likely they will have an answer that you will be able to relate to, you will understand, and the connection can begin.

2. What would your life look like if you created a large business in our industry?

I want to know this person's dreams. In fact, by asking this question it's quite possible that I have given that person permission to dream again.

Most people have become so stuck in day to day surviving that they have put their dreams on the back burner, or have shut them down completely because it hurts too much to think about it. I certainly know I did.

Our spirits yearn to live our dreams, and our hearts ache when we think of a dream we've always wanted but haven't attained.

Take the time and care enough to ask this question. And then handle the answer with great care.

You're dealing with something very near and dear to this person, so don't blow it by butting in and saying, 'Well, with MY opportunity..blah, blah, blah' and then barf your enitre compensation plan onto them.

Once you've opened the door to how their lives may change, you can ask follow up questions about those dreams.

By just asking these two questions, you are able to get them thinking, heavily, about you and what you have to offer. These two powerful questions that can lead to an amazing conversation which can easily flow from there.

Most of all, enjoy the answers! It's amazing what you can learn about a person by asking a few key questions. You may discover you have a lot in common, or learn something new. But ya gotta ask the questions in order to find out!


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