Monday, November 2, 2009

Think You've Got Skills?

The other day I went to get my vehicle serviced. Ya, I could do it myself, but I prefer to have everything checked over, tires rotated, and it frees up my valuable time to take care of other business.

There are several places I can go in my immediate vacinity in order to get this job done. There are some really quick ones, that are production line oriented, and others that will go over everything with a fine tooth come, practically. So there is lots of competition for my business.

That means, lots of coupons in the mail, lots of 'extra' services, and so on.

I choose to go to one specifically. They don't offer coupons usually, and they aren't the cheapest, nor the fastest. They are, however, superior when it comes to their customer service, and that makes the biggest difference, for me, as to where I spend my dollars.

Even though I only come in once every three months or so, they recognize my  vehicle, know my name, have a courtesy shuttle if I need it, have a waiting room with kids toys in the corner. That one is a big plus seeing I have a very impatient four and six year old.

They know the history of my vehicle, the employees are clean and courteous. And they don't try to scam me with, 'well, you have this wrong, and this wrong, and for this amount and this much time we can fix it and you can be safe on the road'. (Side note here: fear based sales tactics suck. Don't do it.)

I can go and get my vehicle serviced elsewhere for less, but for me the experience involving good customer service is important enough that I will take it to this service facility every time. They are worth it.

I know, like, and trust them with these needs.

Read that line again, because it will make the difference as to whether your customers go to you or someone else to purchase product (your immediate income source) or to sign up (longer and passive income source).

With almost every company in network marketing, there is competition of some sort. Whether it's another nutritional company, another juice, or another candle. There is competition for the product, and the prospect.

So what makes the difference? You do.

The experience is just as important as the product itself, and people are willing to pay more for one product even though it is almost identical to another because of the 'good feeling' they receive through quality customer service.

You are responsible for that experience. So ask yourself: Do you follow up on your sales? Do you send thank you's or holiday wishes to your customer base? Do you know your customers? Do you make product suggestions to your customers to make their lives a little easier? If not, why not?

In this day and age where customers can go anywhere to get our products, you want to be the one rep that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I encourage you to check out some books on good customer service. One of my favorite customer service and sales training authors is Jeffrey Gitomer. Many of his books can be found at your local library.

The difference between poor and excellent customer service can mean the difference between thousands in your pocket or thousands in your competitor's pocket. So get on it and create that positive experience!


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