Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Does it Take & What's the Difference?

Lots of times I'll peruse through MLM blog posts, and for the most part I'll think, 'ok, ya, I get that. People need to be reminded of that. Good stuff. Movin' on.'

But in one day, I read two really good articles on MLM that, I think, are two articles that should be presented to everyone looking at the industry for the first time, or for the second, third, or fourth time for that matter.

I dunno, perhaps I look at my business too much as a 'business'. I've seen people stumble happily into MLM and be wildly successful.

Perhaps I analyze it too much. Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps others don't analyze it enough. Perhaps there would be a higher retention rate in this industry if we presented these two articles to prospects instead of the fluff that is floating around.

The first one is by my mentor, friend, and upline, Jackie Ulmer. Jackie is amazing. The thoughts she presents, the questions she asks, and her insights are thought provoking. I mean they actually get one to think, and offer fantastic solutions. What a concept. No wonder she has created a huge business and a wildly successful career in this industry.

The blogpost asks, 'are you mentally prepared to succeed in this business?'

Here's the link:

Mentally Prepared to Succeed?

So ARE you mentally prepared?

The next one is from industry giant, Dough Firebaugh. What a powerhouse. Even the domain name is powerful. Passionfire.

The article asks,

What is MLM and Network Marketing REALLY

Read it carefully, digest it, then apply it to your business.

Both of these articles are simply brilliant. They approach the business as a business, and yet, recognize that this industry asks so much of us. But in a good way. In a way that insists we grow.

I have yet to work for a company that was willing to invest in me as much as I'm willing to invest in me.

Now there are people who think they want to invest in themselves, and those are usually the ones who leave in the ninety day, because the thought of actually being in control of their lives freaks them out.

Then there are the ones that take the suggestions in the articles to heart, apply them to their lives and businesses, and skyrocket to the top.

So which one are you?



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Jackie Ulmer said...

You are a insighful thinker and an amazing leader, destined for greatness. Fun to share your journey! Thanks!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer