Friday, November 13, 2009

Who is Really Saying No?

In this industry we hear all sorts of 'no' answers.

'No, I'm not interested' being the most common answer. And honestly, it's something we learn how to handle if we're in this industry for any certain amount of time. It takes a while to learn how to handle it, and really sets up apart the long term winners from the short time faint of heart.

It's part of the growth process that is required to succeed in this business. It teaches us to not take things personally.  A 'no' doesn't have anything to do with us.

But the one 'no' that I'd like to address today is the 'no' we tell ourselves.

As with other things in our lives and, until we learn how to 'undo' the beliefs surrounding it, we have a tendency to protect ourselves from hearing the word 'no'.

One of the ways is to prevent ourselves from being in situations where we might hear the word no. Not talking with people and not presenting our opportunity to people is certainly one way.

But one of the more hidden ways of protecting ourselves, is telling ourselves no.

And here's what I mean by that. One of the biggest 'quiet' habits that network marketers develop is pre-qualifying prospects.

Meaning, we look at people or talk with people, and we make the decision as to whether we are going to present our opportunity to them.

WE are the one's saying 'no'. We look at who we come across and we pre-qualify them. Wanna hear some examples of how we tell ourselves no?

We tell ourselves:

- They are too busy, they wouldn't be interested.
- They are already too successful, they wouldn't be interested.
- They already tried it and it didn't work, they wouldn't be interested.
- They are broke, the couldn't afford to start up, they wouldn't be interested.

Do any of these sound familiar? We've already pre-qualified them and counted them out. Instead of allowing them that decision, WE'VE told ourselves 'no', without giving them the opportunity to look into what we've got.

Here's a secret. All of those 'types' of people up there? They are usually the BEST people to have look into the business. Have someone in your life who posseses a few or all of those qualifications above? Good God almighty, you've got a heavy hitter in your midst!! RUN to them. Look at them and say, 'if I give you this dvd, would you watch it?' and thrust that opportunity dvd into their hands.

They will thank you later, because these people are tired, broke, and sick of trading their life working for someone else.

So, instead of telling yourself 'no', give people the chance to make that decision for themselves.

With that being said, I want you to re-examine the people that you have already come across that perhaps you told yourself 'they won't be interested because....'. Connect again with them. Stop being selfish about your opportunity. Stop picking out only the ones that you think would do well.  Stop telling yourself no.




Nikhil said...

Brilliant Article Jhanna so true :)

Matthew OGrady said...

Jhanna, I love it. Having been in sales and marketing for almost 20 years, there are alot of patterns I have created. Some helpful, some not but the 1 that I can certainly do without is telling my Self 'No.' It really is true, we practically sell ourselves out of sales and all sorts of other opportunities everyday by deciding for other people what we think they want, need, or are interested in. Instead of just waiting and finding out naturally, going in with an open mind and just watching life unfold. Not to mention since we live in a self fulfilling world, why would I want to set myself up for failure before I have even said Hello! Thanks for the reminder!