Sunday, November 22, 2009

Less Talk, More Walk. (not what you think!)

I love the way life presents lessons to us almost continuously. How these lessons don't actually appear as lessons at first, but eventually, hopefully we get it.

A recent example of this is, I strained my back a while ago while running. First time ever in my years of running. So yesterday it was really bugging me, was tight, and nothing I did would loosen it up.

Aside from my mentoring and coaching business, I also am a certified indoor cycling instructor. I teach at a few gyms around town. It gives me a workout and I know I'm delivering a challenging workout to those who attend my classes.

Tuesday, I had volunteered to teach a class for someone who was unable to teach her scheduled time. I especially love to sub classes because it shakes up the athlete's routine.

However, with my my back being so tight and sore, I didn't think me actually being on the bike going through the routine with the class was the best idea for my back.

But I still wanted to deliver the workout, so I decided to stay off the bike during the workout and just give instruction.

For an hour, I instructed the athletes to gear up on resistance, gear down, stand up, go faster, sit down, push harder, slow down and climb, and so on.

I was able to walk around the room, help with pedal stroke, body postures, and really coach them.

At the same time I realized because I wasn't ON the bike doing the workout, it just wasn't quite as much fun. I didn't feel quite as much part of the team, because I wasn't doing the workout.

Along with that, I love take other instructors spin classes. As I mentioned before, it shakes up my routine.

All of this to remind me of my business (you knew I'd come around to it eventually, right?)

I know of many mentors who have done the business, but aren't doing the business. They tell others how to do it, how it's done, and how they did it in the past.

For me, anyway, doing it and working with people is the best of both worlds.

Network marketing, MLM, direct sales, whatever you want to call it; It's a fun business! Many might disagree with me, but I'm having a blast. I continue to learn from others, and get to help teach others while working my own business.

I mean, just recently I learned how to create a great home party experience. Six months ago, I wouldn't have had the first idea what to tell people if asked about parties.   Because I'm actually working my business just as you are, I get to continue to grow and learn.

We're all in it together folks, and that makes it even better. I know I'm glad to have you along, and I hope you don't mind me being along on your journey as well.



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