Monday, November 23, 2009

Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. Are You?

I'm borrowing the Boy Scout Motto, Be Prepared, and I'm applying it to Network Marketing for this post.

Now, the reason I'm borrowing it, aside from the fact that it can be applied all the time, is because lately I've been coming across prospects that might want a few tips on being prepared when they are thinking of joining a network marketing company.

So here they are in no particular order.

Be Prepared to:

1. Invest in the larger starter kit. Some companies only have one start up option, but most offer different sized kits for all budgets. Honestly, go with the bigger kit. What other industry can you start up your own business for under $500? Even if the package is $1500 (most are less), there isn't a franchise that you can start for that little.

Remember, it's not just the package you are getting, it's the training, coaching, forms, back office, and more.

So, ok, the first objection I hear when I suggest the larger package is, 'well, if I had the money, I'd do it. But I don't.'

To which I answer, 'then find the money'. Have a garage sale. More than likely there is enough stuff in your house, garage, storage locker, and so on that if you put it on craigs list or held a garage sale you'd make more than enough to purchase the larger kit.

Do odd jobs, borrow it, figure it out. Just don't give excuses. Invest in business, not the excuse, and get the larger package.

2. Be Coachable.  I can't tell you how many times while coaching I give suggestions, recommendations, and such, and immediately hear, 'that's a good idea, but I do it this way because (insert feeble excuse here).'

Listen, I don't know how to break this to you, but you don't know it all. Now, don't get defensive about that statement. Once you realize you don't know it all, then you get to have the fun of learning new things. You start to see that there is a ton of great stuff to learn!

What you know has gotten you this far. In order to go further, you're gonna have to learn, grow, stretch, think, and so on.

Be open to coaching. Be open to listening. Be open to trying new ideas, concepts, training and so on.

Here's a perfect example. My mentor has been in this industry for years. I mean, years. Just recently, a few of us and my mentor took a tele-seminar together in regards to a certain aspect of our industry. She took the approach of a brand new student of the industry.

It was really cool to hear her willingness to accept that she didn't know much about that particular topic, and to. When was the last time someone asked you a question and you honestly said, 'I don't know.'

Wake up each and every day and be a new student to this industry. You'll be shocked at what there is to learn.

3. Invest in Your Self  & Your Business. This sort of goes hand in hand with purchasing the biggest starter kit possible. It's a business, folks. Not only are there the necessities such as business cards, a phone plan, order forms, catalogs, samples, and other business supplies, there are expenses such as books, product, training cds, training seminars, and other tools to help propel you in your business.

It can't be stressed enough, your business only grows as fast as you do. I have yet to meet a leader in this industry or any other that hasn't stated that it's imperative to read, read, read, take seminars, listen to CDs, and so on. Support your business by supporting yourself.

4. Put your big girl/big boy panties on. The beauty of this industry is, how you handle your business is your business. The reason most people fail in this industry is because, how you handle your business is your business.

It's a double edged sword, and if you don't grow up, be accountable for your actions, and learn to be pro-active, well guess what? More than likely you'll join the statistic of those who drop out of their companies and network marketing completely within the first 90 days.

You can have a blast in this industry, but it does require you to grow up with your attitude and professionalism.

5. Spend Time on Your Business. Yes, I know the thought of coming home from a long day or long week and then working on your business just makes your head want to explode. I get it. I really do.

But listen, don't get off work, go home, and sit your butt in front of the idiot box, and then wonder why your business isn't taking off. I understand the whole 'needing to decompress' idea, but you can decompress for a few hours each night now or, if you work your business instead of zoning out to one of the reality shows, you can decompress for the rest of your life later on.

I know someone who spent $1400 on a kit for a company and he never took all the stuff out of the box. It just sat in the corner of the room like the ugly step-child. Then he berated himself for purchasing the kit, blamed the company for this and that, and this was all while he played Farkle on facebook. Suprisingly, he never made a dime in the business and is still broke. Go figure.

If you aren't willing to work on your business, then just don't bother.

6. Work with your sponsor, but don't abuse their time. I LOVE working with my team. I love brainstorming, supporting, and developing relationships with my team. And I love my upline. When I started I had loads of questions and ideas I wanted to bounce off them.

They are there to help guide you, point you in the right direction, support you and suprisingly, learn from you as well. But do respect their time.

Ok! I think that's it (to start, anyway :o) ). This isn't to dissuade anyone from joining. Then again, maybe it is. If you aren't ready to Be Prepared, perhaps you might want to consider just chillin' at your day j-o-b for a while longer.

We do hope you will join us at some point and see what all the excitement is about. 

At that point, come on in....the water is fine.



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All I can say is being prepared all the time is a crucial thing in meeting those demands. Being an experienced person in such a field will make you go further.