Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming Back, Starting Over...what am I THINKING?

A year ago, I left my husband. I won't go into details, but let's just say it wasn't a pretty situation and I needed to get out for my safety and the safety of my children.

While in the marriage, I built a rather nice business with Scent-Sations, or more commonly known as Mia Bella's candles.

I spoke at the conventions, which I absolutely loved doing. I was awarded the 'Rising Star' award in 2007, and was doing really well.

But I let my focus go. I started really strugggling. Now, I know many will say, 'but you had LIFE to deal with', and ya, I did. I had a LOT on my plate, with two young kiddies, a marriage that was rapidly and painfully falling apart and, eventually ended in my sneaking away in order to file for divorce, and other people pulling me in all directions.

And I left Scent-Sations. I gave up. I gave up my team, all my hard work, my residual income, everything. I just walked away, and was actually bitter about the whole danged industry there for a while.

I'll probably lose some fans over that one. One side of the network marketing community says, 'You GAVE UP?! What were you thinking?! That's why you're not a millionaire by now! Just look at you. Now you have to start ALL OVER.'

And, ya I did give up. And, ya, I am starting over. That's ok, though. It's not a bad thing, though. It really isn't.

As I mentioned, the other side will say, 'ya, but jeez, you DID need a break.'

And ya, I did need a break. But I didn't need to walk away. It's part of the beauty of this industry as opposed to a job. What I could have done, looking back now, is set my business down for a while. I could have contacted my upline and said, 'hey I need a break, can you take the controls for a while?' I know she would have gladly done so. I could have handled what needed to have been handle and then picked it back up when I was ready.

Do you think an employer would have let me 'walk away' for a year with pay? I don't think so. I would have had to come in, no matter what I was dealing with, or how I was feeling. Chances are, I would have been reprimanded for the attitude I was carrying around at that time.

Now, I'm not saying the way I handled it was wrong. There's no blame or shame going on here. I'm just saying that this industry is forgiving and would have allowed me to set it down and come back when ready. When *I* was ready.

I'll ALWAYS have life to deal with. There will always be something. And I don't mean that in a, 'life sucks, get used to it' kind of way. I mean, it's just how life is. There will always be, if I let it, something that will demand my attention. There will always be an excuse, if I choose for there to be.

I remember someone told me once, "if obstacles come up around something you are sure about, it means you are on the right path."

Because, when we make up our minds about something, life has a way of throwing down stumbling blocks to help us make sure that this is what we want. If we stumble and say, 'well, that hurt and was hard. I don't want any part of that.' Then, perhaps, it's not for us. Or, We CAN change those stumbling blocks into building blocks if we choose to see them that way. If we plow right through those stumbling blocks and actually use them to bound upwards towards our goal, then that's when we know it's for us.

So, ya, I came back. I'm starting over. I'm sure life will throw down what life will throw down. Good news is, I get to choose how I handle them. Leaving Scent-Sations wasn't a stumbling block. It's been a building block. Because I DID come back. And now, I know more, I've transformed in the year I was taking care of myself and my family. I'm a new person, and am approaching my business with a whole new awareness that I think I'll be able to pass on to my team.

What about you? Are you turning those stumbling blocks into building blocks just by looking at the situation differently? Have you? I'd love for you to share your experiences.....

Until next time....


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Debra said...

You made a superb choice and did what you had to do. I admire you and wish you all the best.

From one single Mom to another, finding the light and leading the way (:-)