Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I know, I know....

There are tons of blogs out there. Everyone's a blogging expert. So why another one, right? What could I, a single mom of two, starting over at 41, including my business, have to say that hasn't already been said?

I dunno. Perhaps it's all been said. Perhaps what I say goes back to the dawning of the MLM age. No, even before that. Perhaps what I have to say is all regurgitated.

But, perhaps it's the WAY that I present it, through my own unique experiences, interactions, and perceptions that, even though you've read it all the stuff before via many 'trainers and mentors', it still doesn't sink it, perhaps this time it will.

Maybe, because I'm not attempting to be a slick, top gun, let me tell ya how it must be, kind of person, that you'll be able to relate.

Ya, we can certainly look at this industry intelligently, but at the same time it can be mellow, fun, encouraging, entertaining, and light. MLM needs to lighten up, don't you think? I mean, ya, it's work and all but, and maybe this is just me, it seemed to get heavy. So let's lighten it up, shall we?

Like western medicine, we Americans take things seriously. Let's bring in a little eastern medicine and thought, if you will, take a cleansing breath, and mellow out.

I'm just me. And, even though we are all children of our Higher Power (whatever that may look like to you), I'm still just me.

I'm not going to 'sell' you on something that you aren't already looking for. My goal here is to just, you know, express myself, and hopefully it will encourage you to express yourself through feedback on the blog.

I'll make a deal with you. Remember, I have two young children, one who hasn't even started school as of this entry. So posting is a challenge. But, I'll try to post regularly, and you read regularly and, if you like what you read (or not), provide some feedback.

But if you just feel like reading and shooting me a private email, that's ok too. I get it. In the meantime, welcome, and let's figure this thing out together.


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