Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson #5

Wow! Already at #5! Just like in yoga, when the focus is applied, the class flies by. Gotta love it.

#5. Some days, things go beautifully…other days not so much. As long as you do your best, whatever your best may be at that VERY moment, then you have much to be proud of.

Truly. This one is easy. Be easy on yourself in regards to where you are at any given moment. There are days when I go into that 105 degree room and it's like Spirit is flowing through me. I'm graceful, flexible, strong, and am able to further my yoga practice going deeper into the stretches and meditation than ever before. I feel like I could be in there for hours.

Then I'll come along the next day, and I'm clumsy, unbalanced, weak, and completely unfocused. It's on these days that the room feels like 130 degrees and I continually count how many poses we have left, and just don't have an ounce of effort to give.

Regardless of how I feel at that moment, I give 100% of what I have at that moment. It varies from day to day.

And so it goes with Network Marketing and this business, too. Some days, I am on it, my leads are easy going and receptive to the possibilities, I meet with like minded people, my ideas flow in such a natural and creative way, I feel I can work on it all through the night.

Then there are days where no leads come in, my brain is shut off for the most part, the kids are demanding every moment of my attention, and I feel burned out.

Even on those days, however, I give 100% of what I have to give. Again, it varies from day to day.

Instead of berating and beating myself up for not getting 'stuff' done, or not having as productive a day as perhaps the day before, I'm gentle with myself. It's ok. I understand that my 100% isn't going to look exactly that same way each day.

I don't compare my days because the past is over. Gone. Each day is a new opportunity to give 100% whether it's in yoga, parenting, your mlm business, cooking, working with others, whatever the case may be.

This is a short lesson, because it's a simple one. An easy one? Perhaps not that easy to learn and act on. Many of us have learned that we either produce consistent results or there must be something wrong with us, or we're being lazy that day. Bottom line is, while our physical bodies are somewhat consistent in the every day stuff, there are the countless variables that can change what our 100% looks like for that moment.

Be careful here, however. Don't let this be an excuse to say, 'oh, well! It doesn't matter! I wasn't feeling 'on' today!'

The key is giving 100% of what you DO have for that day. Not 40% or 60%. 100% of what you DO have.

Then, no matter how the day went, you can still lay your head down that night, knowing you did your best for that day.


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