Friday, July 17, 2009

Lesson #3

#3. Your body will follow where your eyes go. Put your eye on the prize, focus on it. Don’t blink and don't look away, or you just may lose your balance.

In Yoga, we are constantly told where to focus. We are encouraged to keep our eyes on our own bodies in the mirrors in front of us. Why would we look at what others are doing? We need to be focusing on our own practice.

Now, this doesn't mean, don't listen or pay attention to anyone. I pay attention and listen to the instructor because they are watching my poses and helping me with the tweaking I need in order to get the most from each pose. Just like a mentor within the your business. They step back and say, 'yes, that is good. Now add this and try doing that. Good. Perfect. Now see the results?'

But I don't really watch others because we are all doing our own thing based on our own experience. Does that make sense?

Here's an example. When I originally started my home candle business, I was full steam ahead. Then I started noticing other distributors and how fast they were moving ahead, reaching goals, building their team, etc. I kept comparing my business growth to theirs. And, I ended up losing focus on mine.

At one point, I asked my good friend and mentor what one person was doing differently than me. She said, 'it doesn't matter. There are lots of factors, and none of them really matter. What matters is what you are doing.'

It took a while for me to understand that even if I did exactly what the other person was doing the results would still be different. I mean, yes, duplicatability is important. In yoga, we are all given the same pose to do each time, but do we all do it exactly the same? No. Not even close. We are all living our own experiences.

Same thing with network marking. We all have access to the same tools, however we are still all on our own paths. We have our own challenges to overcome, we all have different goals that we focus on and, some things are easier for us than others and vice verse.

The only one I can compare myself to is, well, me! And if I take my eyes off my prize, whatever that may be, it's real easy to lose focus and, quite possibly, lose balance. It's real possible to be so busy trying to figure out what the other person might be doing and trying it, that I lose focus of my own business and could, quite possibly, lose balance with my business altogether.

Keep your eye on yourself. Only compare yourself with you. Set your own goals and work towards achieving them. This is your own practice, whether it's yoga, or home based business. We're all on different places on our paths to success. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, so let's focus on ourselves.

Keep your eyes on your prize. Don't lose focus. Don't lose balance. And charge forward.


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