Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yoga & MLM...Lesson #6

6. When you love something and bring it into your life, make it a part of your life…KEEP it a part of your life. No matter what. Because this is what fills you and keeps you going.

Yoga creates a meeting point for me for my spiritual, mental, and physical needs to meet. I'm receiving benefits to all three aspects each session. When I brought yoga into my life, I can't believe there was a time it wasn't in my life. Especially this kind of yoga.

I tend to want the extreme when I do something. I can't just do yoga. I have to find one that pushes me physically and mentally. Bikram Yoga provides that.

Same with Network Marketing. I can't just work for someone, or myself. For me, I needed something that would push me mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Network Marketing insists upon it's leaders to push themselves continually. To grow continually.

Whatever it is that you find and have brought into your life, and it's a good thing...KEEP it in your life. Make it a part of your life if it's important to you. I'm gonna write that again...

Make it a part of your life if it's important to you.

Don't make network marketing a something that you do every now and then. Don't make it something you do when you get pissed at your boss, are fed up with having more month than money, or tired of working 'for the man'.

If you decide to bring it into your life...make that commitment to make it a part of your life. It's something you do, just like eating breakfast. You do it without thinking about doing it.

Yoga and network marketing are things I've brought into my life and are as much a part of my life as my children are, or my other athletic or spiritual endeavors.

All of these are what I 'do'. They all symbolize a part of what gives me the juice to get through the day with a positive attitude.

What's a part of your life? Is it your business? Tell me, I'd like to know. :)

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