Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lesson #2

Yesterday we explored about how showing up is half the battle for both Yoga and Network Marketing.

So, let's get moving on to #2

#2. Stretch...push yourself...STRETCH.......and change. These words are used by my Yoga instructor whenever we're in a stretching pose, and he's wanting us to go just a little further, push ourselves a littler more, go deeper into the posture. The 'change' word, when he uses it in yoga, refers to release the stretch and change the posture.

But one day, it dawned on mewhile my hair was still steaming from the heat in the yoga studio, this analogy can be used in MLM or Network Marketing, or any aspect of life, really, but is really encouraged in the Network Marketing industry.

One of the big aspects to network marketing is self development. Learning why we do what we do and making the necessary changes. Now before anyone gets all, 'I don't need to change, I've got it all dialed in, I'm here to say I'm sure you do. But, I've yet to meet a person that couldn't benefit from a few improvements.....including me.

It's hard, I know. It's harder than just opening a book, and reading it (hopefully to the end). We nee to be able to recognize the patterns or old thinking habits that no longer serve us and then find what patters and new habits will serve us as we move forward in life. Still, again, easier said than done. One of the greatest difficulties to this is not knowing what we don't know.

Fortunately, network marketing allows us the opportunity to find our 'weak spots' in life and changing those behaviors if we choose to. Many times we can find where we need to grow just by paying attention to what we don't like to do in regards to our business, or what's not working in our lives, what we're unhappy with, and then examine the reasons why and go from there.

It's not comfortable to change. In fact, it can be a struggle sometimes. Our old behaviors will fight for their existence. But it can be done, by stretching and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and old belief patterns, and as soon as we get comfortable there, push ourselves a little further.

And, if we are to succeed in network marketing, it must be done. I've yet to meet a successful MLM'er that hasn't been pushed way, way out of their comfort zone and hasn't changed in some capacity from the person they were when they started their adventure, and continue to search for ways to grow and get out of their comfort zone.

It's part of the adventure. It's part of the adventure with Bikram yoga as well. As I stretch and push myself out of what I consider a comfort zone within the poses, I know my body is changing, my mindset changes because I'm advancing in my practice. When I release that pose, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and know that next time, I'll go into that pose with a little more confidence.

When my yoga instructor yells, 'change!' he means change the pose. But I see it on a deeper level than that. To me, it's almost like he's telling my cells to change on some level.

Stretch...push yourself....change.

Stretch out of those comfort zones....really push to learn about your current behaviors and what, if necessary, you can do to change those habits, old ways of thinking, and improve on your life......and CHANGE will follow.

Tomorrow, lesson #3


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Mouse said...

Earlier this year both my kids got 2nd place at their karate tournment. there were tons of boys Jack's age. He really did spar well. The last match was a battle. Tab also got 2nd. Out of two. At first she felt bad she got "last"... I reminded her tons of girls 6 and under doing karate. We've seen them! They just didn't sign up for the tournament because they were too AFRAID to spar. and there are tons more under 6 who are afraid to even take a karate class. that 2nd place is fair and square.

I've always told this to my running friends too.