Friday, July 31, 2009

Yoga & MLM Lesson #7

Number Seven!

Progress, not perfection.

One of the hangups I have in life is when I do something for the first time, I want it to be perfect. I've had to work a LOT on getting over this fun little habit of mine over the years.

When I did my first yoga class, I think it was the first time that I approached something, knowing I didn't have to know alllll about it, I didn't study up on the subject, and didn't feel that I had to have the postures down. I went in pretty much knowing NOTHING about bikram yoga, aside from the fact that it was the hot yoga.

By allowing myself to approach the practice, and MLM as a student, with the open mindedness of a first timer, I allow for forgiveness when I make a mistake, or I don't convert a lead to a team member, or I fall out of the pose, or whatever the case may be.

Yes, I do know how to do things now that I didn't when I first started. But there is no 'perfection'. Just when I see someone else in my yoga class hold a pose that I find beautiful and perfect, the instructor comes over and says, 'no, you need to tweak this, move this, and now try and do this.' And that's when that person falls out of pose. It's never perfect. There is ALWAYS room for progress and growth.

Practice doesn't make perfect, practice allows for progress and in both yoga and MLM and, really in all aspects of life, that is what is important.

Where in your life can you find progress? Your business? Your hobbies? Your relationships?

Progress, not perfection friends....


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