Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

We all know who and what I'm talking about. If not, you will after a while in your network marketing business.
I'm talking about the people you signed up and you knew were gonna be winners in the game. They had success written all over them, and they signed with YOU.

So you have these team partners rockin' and rollin' and doing everything right. They are makin' some money, listening to the calls, open to coaching and all the good stuff.

Suddenly, one day, without so much as a, 'I think I'm having a little trouble here', they have packed up, called corporate to cancel their distributorship, and they are gone. Most of the time they email you a brief note, but nothing too much.

I know about this kind of person because I've been one. I did almost exactly as I described above. And when I left, I only contacted my upline and let her know.

She was bummed. She knew I had it in me to make it big. I knew I had it in me to make it big. I just didn't know that it was with that company and opportunity. I was naive, though, to the work, consistency, and commitment that it took in order to make it big.

I'm not gonna make excuses to my thought process at that time. It was a dumb move, but we all live and learn. 

Here's the thing. When I left, I had a few of my upline, who I had worked with in the past, just not respond to my abrupt action. My sponsor was upset and tried talking me out of it, which made me dig in my heels.

But, the leader in my upline, Jackie Ulmer, did something that stuck with me. She sent me a personal email, wished me luck, and invited me to get back with her at some point to let her know how I was doing.

I wasn't a dollar sign to her, I was a person. She had been in this business long enough to see people come and go and had learned to let go of them.

Jan Ruhe in her book MLM Nuts & Bolts says it blunty and plainly, 'bless them and let them go.'

So, today, I received an email from one of my team members. When she signed, she had specifically sought me out wanting to sign with me. We had spoken at some point earlier, and she was ready to go. 100% invested in the business, company, and her success.

Today, I got the email stating, she was over it, done, and was going to do her own thing. Ugh.

However, it provided the opportunity for me to take the positive experience I had been given from my upline, Jackie, and do the same.

I emailed my team partner back, wished her the absolute best and asked that she keep me posted about her new adventure.

You know, it actually felt good doing that. We all have different paths we are walking, not all of them with each other, and it feels good to wish them the best and for me to not take it personally.

Next time you have your favorite team partner break off from the pack, be sure to give them the support a true friend would give. I mean, isn't that what this business is about?

And just so you know, I came back to the same company I had left. When I did, I made sure that the first person I contacted was Jackie. Since then, we've strengthened our friendship and business partnership.

I probably would not have done that had she not emailed me and wished me well previously.

Keep it in mind, friends.


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