Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to Beliefs

We've touched on how to find those hidden beliefs which tend to guide our lives, making choices for us when we think the conscious mind is the one in control.

But now that we have discovered them and have realize they no longer serve us, how do we go about changing them?

For years, we've allowed our 'stories' to support our beliefs. We've gone in circles. So with a belief like, 'rich people are greedy.', our brains have actually looked for proof to support that belief. We can then tell ourselves, 'See? Did you see how they behaved? Rich people ARE greedy.'

This supports the stories we've told ourselves.

Now that we're becoming aware of our gut feelings when we approach certain subjects (money, relationships, self-perception, etc), we can listen to the stories we have behind them, how we support our story, and then actually change our stories.

Instead of thinking, 'rich people are greedy', we can start saying, 'wealthy people are just like everyone else'. Then we can consciously start looking for examples to support our new 'story' or belief. Eventually, the belief is cemented, just like our old one, and we only find examples to support our belief.

With this example, our belief around money becomes a positive one, as opposed to a negative one. We stop subconsciously sabotaging our efforts to be prosperous because we now believe that we can be wealthy and good, giving people.

So how are you doing with this?

It now becomes a part of our subconscious.

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