Sunday, October 18, 2009

Isn't That Impossible?

Ok, I'm not too into tv, in fact as I mentioned in an earlier post, I mentioned about the disney channel really the only channel that's on, when the tv is on.

So, this example comes from one of the cartoons on the disney channel called Phineas & Ferb.

Don't shut down because this post is based on a cartoon.

Phineas & Ferb is a cartoon based on two brothers who, during their summer break from school, create outlandish things in their backyard. The series has seen a huge haunted house, a monster truck race track, and dueling tree houses to name a few things.

Tonight's episode, the two boys decide they are going to build a rollercoaster worthy of riding.

While building the monster of a coaster, the little neighbor girl in the cartoon comes up and asks Phineas what he's doing.

He said, 'building a giant rollercoaster in the backyard.'

Her response is, 'isn't that kind of umm, impossible?'

And Phineas's reply was, 'Some might say.'

Phineas then continued on, and created exactly what it was he and his brother Ferb had in mind. The biggest, baddest rollercoaster them and their friends had ever seen.

Some Might Say.

Where else have we heard 'isn't that, umm impossible?' I'm sure we've all run into it somewhere along the path in this industry.

The impossible claim comes in many disguises, too, so don't be fooled.

Some might say, 'that is a pyramid scheme'. Some might say, 'no one makes money doing those.' Some Might say, 'think of all the time it takes'. Some might say....well, what have some said?

Mary Kay Ash probably heard what some said. Jay Van Andel & Rich DeVoss, co-founders of Amway probably heard what some said. As did, many, MANY others in this industry of ours..

Good thing they continued on, creating what it was they all had in mind.

So next time someone throws down excuses as to why it's impossible, shrug your shoulders and answer with, 'Some might say', and continue on creating your dream. ;)

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