Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Core Beliefs

As mentioned, I've been reading on this subject on Randy Gage's blog , and I've been posting some questions on facebook and twitter that some people are not happy about. Why? Because it's not the usual banter of 'here's a happy quote for you, all is better now.'

My posts have been more about challenging people to look at their core beliefs, if they can uncover them, and see if those beliefs are looking like they are beneficial in their lives or not. Normally, if you are getting your feathers ruffled there is a core belief in there somewhere that is being threatened.

I'm trying to get people to THINK. Which is another series of posts in and of itself.

I've written before a statistic that states we have 50% of our beliefs in place by the age of three. THREE years old and already 50% of our CORE beliefs are settled in nice and snuggly and we are acting and making unconscious choices based on those beliefs.

These are beliefs handed down to us from our parents, teachers, preachers, and other influential people in our lives at the time.

Beliefs such as, what a relationship is supposed to look like, based on our parent's relationship, how we look at and tolerate other people based on what the religion dictates, and even the personal beliefs of teachers.

These beliefs become such a part of our subconscious that even when we 'think' we are making choices in our lives, we are making these choices based around those core beliefs.  Whether these beliefs serve our best interests or not.

Perhaps your saying, 'you're telling me that I'm not really making conscious choices about my life?' Well, yes....

More later.

Based on the last post, did you find any of your core beliefs?

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