Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Knew The Party Was So Fun?

You know, one of the main reasons I joined the company I did join when I came back to the network marketing industry, was that home parties were not necessary.

I used to let out a groan whenever I received invitations to home parties, and never wanted to do one.

I used to tell new sign ups, 'well, I will do parties if somene approaches me, but I don't go seeking them out. However, we have an outline of how to do them if you chose to do them.'

My idea if 'doing' a home party for someone was showing up, putting the candles out, and grabbing myself a drink and sitting back while waiting for people to pay for the candle they wanted, or place their order. I didn't play games, I didn't really introduce myself, products, or opportunity, and I certainly didn't have a plan as to what the hostess would receive.

I was a nightmare in regards to creating a good party. I can't imagine why I didn't receive bookings or sign ups at those parties! My sales were always low, but I figured, this is how parties went and that's why I didn't want to do them.

I created my story about parties, and actually created the circumstances to re-inforce that story.

I held onto that belief about parties for a while. I kept reading stories about how home parties were on the rise, and the stories about women who were raking in the money doing these parties.

What were they doing that I wasn't, beside the obvious? I needed to find out, for my sake, for my downline's sake, and for the sake of not contributing another horror story of a party!

As I exposed myself to more and more information, websites, newsletters, and leaders within the party plan format, I learned there was a LOT more than meets the eye when it comes to performing the perfect party.

I had no idea that it wasn't about me and my products! I thought parties were ALL about my products, company, and my profit!

Boy, I could not have been more wrong.

After concentrating my efforts to learning about how to properly book, plan, and work a party, I've gone a step further and am now involved in a tele-seminar with Julie Anne Jones that teaches how to create those successful parties that I'd only read about.

I've been partnered up with someone else who has signed with the class, we have homework and are being held accountable for our actions in order to produce the results we all strive for.

I'll keep you updated. So far, with just one session with Julie Anne, I cannot believe the information I've received. I cannot believe all I have been missing.

I've got a few parties coming up and am actually now excited as the party dates come closer. I can tell my hostesses are excited as well.

I've had better communication with my hostesses than before and the guest list has skyrocketed compared to before. Could it be because the hostesses are more excited and want to share this event with more friends?

Hmmm, something to think about.

Listen, I'll share my experiences as we go. I hope that you share yours too, including good, bad, different, strange, frightening, and so on. Give me all your home party experience.

In the meantime, if you're somewhat local and you want to host a party to see what all the hubbub is about, contact me.

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