Thursday, September 10, 2009

Accepting Things As They Are

Saying: If you understand, things are as they are. If you don't understand, things are as they are.

We are the only animals on the planet that attaches emotion to situations, and base our decisions on these emotions.

Things really are as they are. It's what we attach to these experiences that determine our outcome with them. But in reality, they just 'are'.

Someone told me once our perceptions of reality is neither good, bad, right, or wrong. But if our perception isn't serving us to our highest good, we might want to reconsider.

I've looked at a LOT of situations recently and, for me, more importantly than trying to attach a positive spin on the situation or trying to 'learn' from every single situation, I'm just allowing the situation to exist without doing ANYthing in regards to emotional attachment.

Instead of allowing my mind to think, 'this is a bad situation' or 'this is a great situation', I'm saying, 'it is what it is', and then I go from there.

It's amazing how the rollercoaster of emotions can settle down when life situations are looked upon as such. Clearer decisions can be made, calmness appears, and energy flows instead of charging.

Do you think you can apply this to any situation in your life?

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