Friday, September 11, 2009

I Have to WHAT? *gulp*

I've had my fingers on the MLM pulse for many years. Some of these years I was involved directly and others, I just watched, read, listened, and learned.

One thing that has changed dramatically is how we talk the talk. Back in the mid 80's when I signed with Amway as my first MLM adventure, I was required by my sponsor to find the people to talk with and my sponsor would do the talking.

When we met with the prospect, I was just to sit and listen, and to learn.

Interestingly enough, although I had signed as a distributor, I didn't like what was being said to the prospect. There was no relationship being built, we didn't ask about our prospect, his family, or life. Strictly business.

Now, when I signed up, I had signed up with my brother, who's sponsor was my parent's next door neighbors. See the value? We signed with people we already had a relationship with. We were comfortable and trusted that person or people already.

If someone had approached me and immediately started in on, 'do you like this product? ME TOO! WELL! Have I got an opportunity for YOU, my friend!'

Guess what? It happens ALL the time. With the internet, all of us in the dirct sales, network marketing, and MLM world now have billions of prospects at our fingertips or twittertips, or facebooktips, or whatever other social media platform is about to come along.

So, if developing a relationship is what this business is really about, why is there a difference online?

I think most of you know what I'm talking about. The blatant ads, links, and spam that is sent out not just regularly but flooded out on these social media sites. Go to these sites and they scream out to you, 'SIGN NOW!! BE A BAJILLIONAIRE BY 5PM!!'

In my mind, the people who send these out are the people who would never make it in the old style of MLM, or don't have any local prospects or teams. Why? Because the thought of actually approaching someone and developing a relationship of any sort with them might very well be the last thing they want to do.

I'm going even further with this. Developing a relationship involves risk. Risk of rejection, mostly, and that terrifies many people. The thought of having to actually approach someone, in person, and take that risk of someone saying, 'No' paralyzes people and their businesses.

Many people consider it a personal attack on who they are at the core, and in my humble opinion, these are the very same people who post on FB and Twitter.

Our business is not for the weak hearted. those wanting and willing to grow, risk, develop, and become an active participant in their own lives are drawn to it.

In return, they get to expand their lives, minds, social circles, and yes, bank accounts.

Developing relationships whether it's offline or online requires time and energy, and can involve a risk, but the benefits outweigh them.

Next time you're on one of the social media sites, try to stop talking about you and your business. Send private messages, do posts that are fun, and ask about the other person.

Otherwise, it will be me that develops that relationship with them. ;)

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