Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Don't Need a Story Anymore

I've relied a lot on my story in the past. I love reading other's stories too, about how they overcame adversity in order to achieve their highest goals and dreams.

I figured, 'boy my story is gonna be a good one to tell.'

Then one day I was reading an article from somewhere..someone, I don't quite recall.

This article suggested that perhaps in order for me to 'have a good story', I've been attracting all the wrong things in my life. Drama, difficult people, situations, and obstacles that quite possibly aren't necessary in order for me to get to my goals, but is actually ME bringing these instances into my life in order to make my 'story' BETTER.


So, I'm dropping my story. I mean, my past is my past, but I don't need to continue to add to the drama that becomes part of my story, my struggle.

My story from now on includes only successes, peace, prosperity, ease, and pure joy.

I don't need a story that includes unnecessary drama. Do you? How's your story coming along?

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